#OlivPairUp – *Singles Event

  • Date: Sunday, Oct 19, 2014
  • Time: 5:00PM - 7:00PM
  • Location: Oliv Tasting Room – Crestwood Centre
  • Price: $0.00 per ticket
#OlivPairUp - *Singles Event

Few things go together like oil and vinegar. Well … except, maybe two people who are right for each other…

Join us for Oliv Pair Up on Sunday, October 19 at 5 p.m. at Oliv Tasting Room.
**Only 40 spots available!! 

oliv LogoHeader Oliv Pair Up is a singles event that features unique olive oil and balsamic vinegar pairings from Oliv Tasting Room. And by “features unique pairings” we mean you get to try olive oil flavours like bacon, black truffle and blood orange mixed with balsamic vinegar flavours like chilli, cherry and chocolate jalapeño. Mmmmmmm.

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And what makes this a great event for singles? A special Q&A session hosted by Wundermeet Matchmaking & Coaching, that’s what! Ask your most confusing, frustrating or controversial dating questions like, “who pays on the first date?” or “where is the best place to meet someone?” and see what the experts say.

Oh, and as if oil, vinegar and dating advice weren’t enough, we’ll have some really cool door prizes, too. Details of the prizes to follow!

Event Details:

Sunday, October 19

5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Oliv Tasting Room, Crestwood Centre, 9656 142 Street

Tickets $15

Light refreshments are included.

Hosted by:

Oliv Tasting Room – Website / Twitter / Facebook
Wundermeet Matchmaking & Coaching – Website / Twitter / Facebook
& YEG TweetUp – Website / Twitter

Door Prizes by NVE Institute (Twitter) including ;

2- Apple Delight Rejuvenation Revitalization Facials

The beautiful harvest season of Autumn is upon us and we have found that apples have more in store for us then just mere apple pies and ciders. As the Autumn season approaches so does the onslaught of colder temperatures and yes, shorter hours of daylight…

Rather than let the season catch us off-guard, we did a little research on the properties of Apples used in cosmetics and to our surprise, we discovered that one of the very first ointments in the world was formulated with a base of Apples… Hippocrates advocated that an Apple a day keeps the doctor away, was he truly on to something? We know so!

Introducing the Apple Delight Rejuvenation Revitalization Facial

1)      Apple Cleanse All-natural Cleansing Milk infused with organic Aloe Vera, Apple Fruit Essence and Jojoba

2)      Apple Spritz Aromatic Apple Water Toner

3)      Apple Smoothie Exfoliation Fresh Organic Green Apple Puree, Raw Manuka Honey and Raw Cane Sugar

4)      PhytoCellTec™ Facial Massage Pure Swiss Apple Stem Cell Facial Massage

5)      Kifer Conditioning Mask 100% all-natural Kifer Pro-biotic Yogurt, Raw Manuka Honey, Organic Green Apple Puree & Rose Otto floral water

6)      PhytoCellTec™ Swiss Apple Stem Cell Hydration and Protection Treatment

Apple purees are made fresh just prior to your facial to maintain the highest level of nutrients. Another innovative “Raw Beauty” treatment exclusively available at NVEI.

Time required 1.5hrs
Prize Value: $145.00 each

Thank you also to T&T Archery (Twitter) who’s donating;

2 – 1 Hour Archery Rentals that’s guaranteed to be a blast!




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