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  • Monday Sep, 1, 2014 Forever Aloe – Sarah

    Both Kim and I have been given a number of opportunities over the past year and half and had the pleasure of trying various products and services from amazing local people and businesses so when THIS opportunity to try out some great Aloe products from “Forever” came along, I was

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  • Friday Aug, 1, 2014 An experience with Air Canada

    August 1, 2014 – My letter outlining my experience today and sent to Air Canada customer service. This is inform you of the poor quality service rendered by Air Canada today on my flight (AC 233) to Vancouver BC departing at 6:20am and then connecting to Portland. This started the

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  • Tuesday Jul, 29, 2014 Cavalia Odysseo – Cheryl Cottrell-Smith

    Social Media Night at Cavalia’s Odysseo By Cheryl Cottrell-Smith  Cavalia, the international touring equestrian sensation, has returned to Edmonton for its second year. This time, the company is touring for their second show, which is entitled Odysseo. On July 23, Cavalia held their social media night in Edmonton and YEG

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