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  • Tuesday Jan, 2, 2018 What Happens If I Lose My Will?

    Whether you have a substantial estate, or simply a few sentimental items, having a will is crucial if you want to dictate how your possessions will be distributed when you are gone. Without a will, you are considered to have died “intestate” and the provincial law then dictate the division

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  • Tuesday Jan, 2, 2018 Preparing Your Vehicle For Winter Driving

    Winter driving is inevitable in most parts of the country. With the winter season comes plenty of snow and ice, which hinder the driving conditions we are faced with, often resulting in more accidents. These conditions call for increased attention, caution, and preparation to help you stay safe on the

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  • Tuesday Jan, 2, 2018 Here Comes The Sun: Benefits of Enlarging Basement Windows

    Are you building a new house? Renovating your current one? Or maybe you flip houses for a living? Whichever one of these you said yes to, there is one thing you all have in common: deciding what to do with the basement. In the past, basements were typically used for

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