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  • Thursday Mar, 1, 2018 Audiology For Everyone

    Have you ever gone to a concert, come home and then the next day at breakfast been like “WHAAAAAT did you SAAAAAY??”. Face it, most of us probably have. The struggle of being wild and free is real. To be more clear, ringing in the ears post being around loud

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  • Thursday Feb, 22, 2018 Finding your fit with “The Projct” and Jordan Jeske

    Not just a gym, not just a community, a collaboration. Jordan Jeske has been a fitness professional and leader in the industry here in Edmonton for a number of years. He has a skill set that is highly beneficial to golfers trying to increase performance but he brings a lot

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  • Friday Jan, 26, 2018 Fire Extinguisher Tips

    Not very many people have been properly trained in how to use a fire extinguisher. You see them everywhere you go: your workplace, your school, hopefully your home, and any public building, such as shops and restaurants. You may have an idea of how they work, but in the event

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