#BuckABurpee – Scott Weller / Melsha Shea

  • Date: Sunday, Apr 20, 2014 - Friday, May 09, 2014
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#BuckABurpee - Scott Weller / Melsha Shea

Scott Weller walked through the doors of Ronald McDonald House® Northern Alberta for a tour as he was entering his 35th year. One of the ways he chose to celebrate the milestone was to give back. This desire to give back has been shown through the past year as Scott has given of his time, hands and heart to the House over and over again, and has inspired his friends and family to do the same.

As Scott’s birthday celebration approaches on May 9th, 2014 he has undertaken a huge and exciting tribute for RMHNA: to raise enough funds to cover the expenses for a family to stay at the House for 35 nights! Scott has built his life on a few strong points: laughter, a focus on helping others and fitness. As a result, he has chosen a method of fundraising that further builds those three foundations in his life: burpees – 7525 of them! Clearly burpees are fitness based. And watching somebody do burpees definitely brings a smile if not laughter. Scott is asking the community to pledge his burpees at a ‘buck-a-burpee’ with all of the proceeds being donated to RMHNA.

This undertaking is the brainchild of Melsha Shea and Scott and we wish them nothing but success! Please support this and don’t forget to tune into BTedmonton Easter Monday to see Scott try to break his personal best of 135 burpees in 30 minutes! Good luck Scott!

A minimum of 5 burpees can be pledged (minimum donation is $5). Online donations of $5 and higher will receive a donation receipt. – See more at: http://buckaburpee.kintera.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=1108830#sthash.u7u1fNfV.dpuf