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Sep 1, 2014 |

Both Kim and I have been given a number of opportunities over the past year and half and had the pleasure of trying various products and services from amazing local people and businesses so when THIS opportunity to try out some great Aloe products from “Forever” came along, I was all in!

Now granted, I’ll admit I’m not one of those GQ guys that primps himself with lavish products on a regular basis but I do like to try new things and I appreciate quality so I gladly accepted Sarah’s generous offer.

Sarah was very sweet in her approach. It wasn’t a sales pitch and there was no expectation at all other than to provide her feedback after we have had an opportunity to try as many products as possible.

Here’s what she dropped off for me and my entire family to try for a week. No cost, no obligation but just an opportunity to be exposed to something I (we) would never have done before.


The first night I immediately tried the shampoo and conditioner. I have a “beauty” background as I was with a large supplier for a number of years. I love quality products and always notice the difference from the standard store bought quality of shampoos, etc. This didn’t disappoint as I found the SUPER rich shampoo very nice. The fragrances are not “girly” (I sometimes worry about coming out smelling like flowers) and the quality of both the shampoo and conditioner were enjoyed by the entire family.

On the second night, I became Mel Gibson in “What Women Want”!! I had everything on from the mask (first time for me lol) the men’s cologne (my favourite product!!), some moisturizing cream, used the hand & face soap as a body wash and even put the heat lotion on a sore arm.

All of the products were amazing and we as a family, really enjoyed them. The extent of this line is massive and far from limited to what you see above! Check out Sarah’s website and follow her on Twitter and if you want to try them for yourself, just contact her!

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