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Aug 17, 2015 |

You all know how much I love twitter, and I was lucky enough to win a Twitter contest from Jubilations which got me 2 tickets to a showing of Once Upon A Time in Graceland. I was allowed to choose my seats & date for the show. I was excited to be going to another Jubilations show, as I have only been once before, last year for my 30th birthday.

Here’s a short exert of what the show is about:

Something has gone wrong in the land of fables and dreams! The evil Queen has placed a strange curse upon many of our most loved fairy tale characters. They do not remember how their classic stories unfold and now these tales are in jeopardy of being retold…and no one will live happily ever after. There is one King who can fight this evil Queen, a man who rose from being an incredible performer to becoming a legend himself, a legend that became the King, the King known as… Elvis!


We started the meal with a choice of Once Upon a Soup or the Enchanted Forest
salad. I had the salad & my Mom the soup, both were delicious!


For dinner we had the option of True Love’s Chicken Kiev, The Fairest Fish of them all, Raviolstiltskin or King’s Prime Feast. I chose the cheese stuffed ravioli (Raviolstiltskin) &Mom tried the chicken (True Love’s Chicken Kiev).



Both dishes were gobbled up quicker than a Hound Dog! Between the scenes the staff were super interactive & attentive of our needs. I was very impressed that everyone was in costume & they never broke character.

image7Just before the last scene we were served dessert. The choices were The Evil Queen’s Curse (chocolate cake) or The Happily Ever After (vanilla cake). Let me tell you, they are Always On My Mind!

image5image6One of my favorite aspects of the dinner theatre is that they always recognize special people & life events happening that evening of the guests. They invite guests up who are celebrating their birthdays, anniversary’s, everything!

image8The staff does a fantastic job of getting you moving & groovin’ in your Blue Suede Shoes! After the show ends, you have the opportunity to meet the staff that has been serving you all night and they come out in regular clothes. Plus you have the opportunity to get your picture with the show cast.

From the moment you walk into the doors at Jubilations, until the end of the show you truly feel like you are a part of another world! So if you are looking for an evening out with your family, spouse, or your staff members I highly recommend Jubilations!

Once Upon a Time in Graceland runs until August 23rd. Up after that is Modern Family Vacation http://edmonton.jubilations.ca/index.php/shows#upcomingShows




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