Review of The Mongolie Grill – 109St & Jasper Ave

Apr 11, 2014 |

The Mongolie Grill
Jasper & 109St

We had an opportunity to take our web designer @destroythebox out for a Birthday supper last night to celebrate his advanced age and also go over all the functions of our new website! We decided on The Mongolie Grill on Jasper Ave. We have been there before and we have always enjoyed our experience.

We got there early (around 4:30pm) and we had a nice opportunity to enjoy a quiet meeting in this trendy establishment nestled at one of Edmonton’s busiest intersections in the heart of downtown.

If you’ve never been, this is a very interesting concept of a healthy, buffet-style eatery that charges you based on weight! Not of you, but the food you put in your bowl for the chefs to cook! 😉 You fill up your bowl with upwards of 48 various items (which I tried to do) and hand it to the chefs for them to prepare and bring to your table once complete. If you’ve never been, make sure to ask your server how this works and suggestions on various sauces to add at the end to make your meal more moist and tasty. This aspect isn’t clear and if you don’t know, you’ll miss out! The service was moderately attentive and anyone who refills my Coke without being asked is bound to get a great tip! #CokeAHolic We did however order Onion cakes that after 20-25 minutes, we realized we never did receive. Odd being that the restaurant wasn’t at all busy. The waitress apologized and they were out minutes later. Unfortunately both Kim and Chris were hungry also so I had to share…

The onion cakes were well worth the wait and I highly recommend them to anyone who even remotely like them. Served with a hot sauce and one other I didn’t recognize, they seemed to be a success with my friends.

The restaurant seemed to fill up quick and a large table beside us of 8-10 people took almost an hour to receive their food. Luckily we were ahead of them! Kim, being a vegetarian, scooped up everything green into her bowl. She was greatly disappointed to receive her cooked meal which included her choices but also various chunks of chicken and beef that were accidentally mixed in when cooking everyone else’s meals. Normally, for vegetarians, they use a round cylinder to protect cross-contamination and prevent this from happening but for whatever reason, they missed that step during the cooking of her meal. After Kim went back up to start all over, they did prepare and bring it back quite quickly.

The manager did come over and apologize and they did comp Kim’s meal and our drinks which we thought was quite nice.

Overall, a very warm environment for a business meeting or romantic evening out with your significant other. With choices of meats and seafood, my meal was close to $30 so not overly expensive. I was full at the end of it and at 255lbs, that says a lot for me!!

Parking can sometimes be an issue even though the parking lot is substantial. Recommend getting there before 5:30!

Overall, I would give the entire experience a 7.5/10 based on food quality, value, service and ambiance. We would certainly go back!

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