Review of Square One – Sherwood Park

Apr 20, 2014 |


Kim and I along with Anita, Scott, Karly, Katie & Tyler enjoyed a brunch meeting at this fantastic Sherwood Park eatery located at #32, 993 Fir Street right off of Wye Road.

This contemporary, one room design offers very comfortable seating and a very relaxed atmosphere. We have been there twice and both times, the service has been outstanding. It’s always refreshing when staff seem to actually enjoy what they’re doing and it shows in this establishment. I didn’t get our servers name but she was extremely good and it was a great balance of attentiveness and left to enjoy a group conversation. I’m sure that is the most difficult part of serving as you you don’t want to continue to interrupt too often but yet, maintain that balance. She certainly did that!

All of our guests enjoyed the experience, the food, the service and I understand the bathrooms are even worth mentioning though I didn’t visit them myself!

The brunch menu is a unique offering of various countries from around the world; and it sounds like all of them were a complete success! One of the best laughs of the afternoon was when our server came to bring Kim a spoon (who had ordered the Greece selection) and said as she handed it to Kim, “Here is your spoon for your Greece”. I assure you there was no grease on the plate when it came! 😉

I enjoyed the America selection which is a corned beef hash meal with 2 poached eggs. Most if not all the meals came with toast but I found it odd that there were no jams offered for the toast. I assure you that you will not leave hungry as the portions are impressive. The orange juice is not a concentrate but instead, freshly squeezed which is a nice touch that you don’t often find anymore.










We even got a chance to meet Phil who came out to say hi to all of us even though he he was busy preparing these amazing meals! We were very grateful he did that and hopefully we get a chance to chat more in the future!

Overall a great value for the money and a wonderful dining experience that we suggest you try for yourself.

I would rate Square One a very enthusiastic 9.5 out of 10!

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