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3 Successful Alberta Companies Supporting Oil & Gas In 2018

3 Successful Alberta Companies Supporting Oil & Gas In 2018

Oil & Gas is Alberta’s largest and most vital industry. Despite the economic downturn and the decreasing price of oil and gas causing hardships throughout the industry, it is still one of the biggest and busiest in the province.

With 2018 just around the corner, the oil & gas industry is expected to see consistency and stabilization for the first time since the crash. After huge budget cuts, devastating layoffs, and numerous closures, the industry is being looked at optimistically once again.

Not only is this anticipated recovery a huge sigh of relief for the provinces many Oil & Gas companies, and the province itself, it is also drawing the attention of various companies across the province who are ready to invest in and support the industry once again.

There are many ways in which different businesses can support the Oil & Gas industry, such as providing equipment, providing services, or providing financial support. Here are 3 successful Alberta companies that are supporting Oil & Gas in 2018.

GRM Flow Products

GRM Flow Products is a Canadian company based out of Edmonton, Alberta that offers oilfield wellhead and valve parts as well as maintenance and repair services. They actively work with numerous oilfield companies to ensure their wellheads and valves are of the highest quality and are running smoothly and safely.

Acumen Capital

Acumen Capital is a Calgary based boutique investment dealer. The Vice President of Acumen, Ian Thomson, has pitched and created a fund project with the intention of supporting Alberta’s smaller oil and gas companies by aiding in drilling and exploration, but also by restoring old, inactive wells.

Blackline Safety

Blackline Safety is company from Calgary, Alberta that focuses on creating and supplying safety-monitoring products to multiple industries. They have recently introduced the “world’s first wireless gas detector with 3G wireless, two-way speakerphone and live monitoring”. Their innovative and unique products offer a new level of protection to oil and gas workers across the country.


Evidently, there are many Albertan companies that are prepared and willing to support the Oil & Gas industry in a number of ways in the upcoming year of 2018. These companies offer a variety of products to enhance oilfield equipment; maintenance and repair services; investment funds necessary to create new sites and restore old ones; and safety products, to ensure the safety of the industries hardest workers.

GRM Flow Products, Acumen Capital, and Blackline Safety are only three of the many companies throughout the province that are gladly supporting Alberta’s Oil & Gas industry during the industries rebuild.