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Exploring Different Kinds of Oilfield Jobs

The most recent recession is over and the oil field is booming once again – especially in the United States & Alberta – and that can only mean one thing: they’re hiring.

Whether you were laid off from an oilfield job during the downtown a few years ago, you have just finished your studies and are ready to enter the working world, or you are simply looking for a career change, there is a position in the oilfield that will suit you.

The oil and gas industry is a complex one, requiring individuals with every type of education, experience, and skillsets to fill a variety of positions essential to the successful operation of the industry.

Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the different kinds of oilfield jobs out there – and one of them is bound to be perfect for you.


Labourers encompass a large percentage of those employed in the oil and gas industry.

It is a broad category that consists of a number of different job titles and duties. The most common labour jobs include operating heavy-duty machinery, keeping up the cleaning and maintenance of worksites and equipment, and carrying out the day-to-day tasks that keep everything running smoothly, such as fitting valves or sending pigs, for example.


Without a way to transport the oil extracted from the ground from point A to, well, everywhere else, there would be no point.

While pipelines transport a lot of this oil, a large percentage of it is still transported over land – meaning that truck drivers play an important role in this industry.


Whichever type of engineering you may have studied, the oil industry more than likely has a need for it. Many chemical engineers, electrical engineers, drilling engineers, petroleum engineers, mining engineers, and even engineering geologists are essential to the oilfield.

Every aspect of the industry, from finding the oil, creating the equipment necessary to extract it, processing the oil, etc. is all thanks to the engineers who made it possible.


Those working and living out on offshore rigs or in remote camps need to eat – that’s where you come into play. If you are a trained chef, or even if you haven’t been formally trained but have sufficient experience working in kitchens, you can consider applying for the role of chef in one of the many remote locations oilfield workers are stationed.


The rigs can be dangerous, accidents happen every day. For this reason, every worksite is required to have medically trained staff present.

If you want to help people, but are looking for something different than the typical clinic or hospital setting, consider applying to be an oilfield medic.


Anytime money is involved, and accountant will be needed. It’s not news that the oil and gas industry is a multi billion-dollar industry – every company, every camp, and every project that takes place will undoubtedly require someone to budget, monitor the books, prepare taxes, etc.

Accountants are integral parts of any business – any industry – and the oilfield is no exception.


Now more than ever the environment is becoming a major concern, especially for the oil and gas industry, which are often the center of environmental debates. Many companies are beginning to work with environmental specialists to ensure their practices and processes have minimal negative impacts on our Earth.

Start The Hunt Today

As you can see, the oilfield is a diverse industry, employing individuals from every area of study. Regardless of what field of study you are trained or experienced in, there is more than likely a position available in the oilfield requiring exactly what you have to offer.

Give the oilfield a chance and start your job hunt today!

4 Tips to Balance Family & Work Life

4 Tips to Balance Family & Work Life

The fast pace of living makes achieving the ideal private and professional balance increasingly difficult.

From addressing your career demands to those of family and personal relationships, many feel the pressure and suffer from severe stress, risk of burnout and a generally unhealthy lifestyle.

We provide the best 4 tips to balance family and work life.

Managing Your Work-Life balance

Whether you are starting a new business, working towards a professional promotion or important career move, managing your personal and your professional life is difficult. Most people sacrifice family relationships spending long hours at their place of employment or overextending themselves to get the job done.

Unfortunately, this not only impacts your general well-being but also your ability to connect with your loved ones or find pleasure in the smaller gifts that life can present. Many children grow up resentful towards their parents because emotionally and physically they are absent.

For parents, pushing to dedicate their time towards work, it may be for the future of their children. Fortunately, there are ways of finding the balance you need to prove successful professionally without sacrificing time with your family and taking care of yourself.

1.     Find Quiet Time After Work

While the stress of a long day at work can prove taxing on your peace and relaxation, before entering your front door, take a deep breath and consider 10 minutes you can take out to regain your composure.

In a busy household, your children and family may be excited to see you and have much to talk about. The rush of excitement and noise could prove overwhelming causing many to lash out or shut down.

Children are also sensitive to parents who enter the home in a foul mood. To avoid additional stress, explain to the ones you love you will be taking a few minutes to relax, after which you can listen to their stories. Whether a shower or bubble bath, steal a few moments to clear your mind and help you connect with your family.

2.     Create Special Family Time

Whether once or twice per week, get creative with your kids and plan a special event you perform as a family.

This may include pizza making, gardening, painting or watching a movie together. Dedicate time out to partake in activities shared with your loved ones.

3.     Have Dinner Together

Make a point of connecting with your loved ones after a long day at work by sharing dinner. If it is late and your children have already eaten, you should all sit together and share as a family with something light such as a glass of milk.

Creating these activities allows young ones to feel secure and maintains lasting relationships.

4.     Managing Your Workload

Do not be afraid to ask for help. If you have been giving your all to a project or spending late nights at work, and feeling burdened, it is time to request assistance where it is possible.

Managing your time and your workload allows you to reduce your stress, relax and be fully present for your family.

We hope these 4 tips help!

The more you know: Navigating the switch

Navigating the switch from Employee Status to Independent Contractor.

Everyone dreams of being their own boss one day, and yet so many believe that this dream is unattainable.

In reality, all you need is a little determination, some time, a few dollars saved up, and a whole lot of planning.

Whether you’re working in a kitchen, on a construction site, or in an office, navigating the switch from employee status to independent contractor is possible, despite how intimidating or far-fetched it may seem.

Why Do People Want To Become Contractors?

There are a number of reasons why individuals wish to leave behind employee status is exchange for contract work. Some of the desirable aspects of contract work include:

  • Improved work/life balance – more and more, individuals are craving more flexibility in their schedules. The 9-5 is no longer cutting it for many people, and they seek positions that allow them to spend more time at home with their families, travel more freely, or simply keep their life balanced to ensure they don’t burnout. Being a contractor typically offers a lot more flexibility than that employee work does, as your work is calculated hourly rather than on fixed terms.
  • To earn more – one major draw to transitioning from an employee to a contractor is the opportunity to earn more money. As contractors hire out their services per hour and are their own bosses, they can set their own pay rates. Now, setting your own pay rate, especially at a high rate, only makes sense (and will only be successful) if you hold a higher skillset than others in your industry or offer unique or niche services that are more difficult to acquire. If this is the case, however, being able to set your own pay rate can have a great pay off, and the potential to earn more than you would as an employee is high.
  • To semi retire – the traditional path of working until your 50’s or 60’s and then settling into retirement is becoming less and less common, as many individuals choose to work longer or are unable to afford retirement. For either of these cases transitioning from employee to contractor may be beneficial. This transition can allow you to work fewer hours and have more flexibility, allowing you to enjoy your later years while still supplementing your lifestyle with some form of income.

As you can see, contract work definitely comes with its fair share of benefits – but that does not mean it is the right path for everyone. There are a variety of benefits to being an employee that you will lose if you transition to contractor, and in a sense being a contractor comes with extra duties you will be in charge of, such as handling your own taxes, insurance, etc.

Be sure to do your research and determine whether the pros and cons of switching from employee to contractor are in your favour before making any big decisions.

Contract Work and Accounting

As stated earlier, transition from employee to independent contractor is possible no matter what industry you work in – take accounting for example. There are many reasons why those working in accounting may want to make the switch.

Perhaps you are feeling stuck in your cubicle working the traditional 9-5 Monday through Friday, and feel that with your skills set, education, and experience you could find work in the industry that is more exciting, offers a change of scenery, and even higher pay – you’d be right. You just have to know what to do and where to look.

You Have Options

Accounting isn’t just the cut and dry tax preparing work that many believe it to be. The industry is diverse, offers a range of potential types of work, and is global, meaning that you can essentially find work in accounting across the world.

If you are interested in transitioning to a contractor, you first need to determine what area of accounting you are the most skilled in, the most educated in, and has the largest market and job availability for independent contractors. Some career path options include: financial accounting, audit accounting, tax accounting, consulting, and even forensic accounting.

The more unique your skillset is and the more diverse your experience is, the higher chance you will find quality contract work and the higher the rate you will be able to charge.

The Best of Both Worlds

Being an independent contractor in the world of business, especially in accounting, is a great way to blend traditional skills with a more modern approach. It’s a great way to utilize a business education all while being able to network, build up your own business, diversify your skillset, and live a life free of the typical office job constraints.

Services Available to You

Often times if you are just starting out as an independent contractor, you can first offer your services through an agency. This is a great way to get your foot in the door and begin building your resume as an independent accountant.

By hiring yourself out with the help of an agency you have a larger pool of job options that may not be available to you (or you simply may not be aware of) if you were searching on your own. Even if these starting jobs are not ideal, they are a great way to spread your name, build your resume, and make contacts in the industry – all of which are incredibly important when working independently.

The Time Is Now

It’s never too late to take control of your career and your future if change is what will make you happy. The idea that escaping the mold, being your own boss, and having the financial and physical freedom to live the life that you want is more attainable that you may think. No matter what industry you are in, what type of work you do, or where you live, making the switch from employee to contractor can be your next step if you just work for it.

Getting Set Up in A New City

Moving to a new city is simultaneously exciting, nerve-racking, and tedious.

Exploring the new streets, shops, cafes, and sights that your new home has to offer is sure to take up most of your free time after the move, but you can’t forget about the behind the scenes necessities amidst your new metropolitan affair.

What necessities you may ask?  Well, we are sorry to break it to you, but getting set up in a new city will require more than just unpacking a few (dozen) boxes.

First Things First

There are a number of things you will have to do when you arrive to your new home, but two of the most important things you will have to take care of are getting your finances changed over, and ensuring your mailing address is properly updated.

Managing Your Finances

Ah yes, the most tedious business of them all: managing your money.

Managing your money is important all of the time, but even more so when going through a big move.

You may or may not need to change your accounts over to a new bank or other financial institution, depending on where you currently bank and what is available in your new area. Although online banking is continuously growing in popularity, it is still a safer bet to have a local branch that you can visit if necessary.

You may also need to consider finding a new accountant. It’s something most people only think about once a year (oh, tax time), but if you wait until the last minute, many local accountants may be too busy to accommodate a new client, or you may not be able to find an accountant suitable to your needs.

This is something you should research before your move. That way you have ample time to find an accountant you are comfortable with and can have your files transferred over from your current accountants office in time for the upcoming tax season.

Changing Your Mailing Address

You never truly realize how many subscriptions, accounts, bills (ugh), or contacts that you have until it’s time to change your mailing address.

Your first step should be heading to the post office and arranging mail forwarding – this means that anything being sent to your old address past your specified moving date will be redirected to your new address.

And then comes the fun part – you’ll have to go into, call, or go online and change your address for anything you’ve had to use an address for. This checklist is the best way to ensure you don’t miss anything, because there are a lot more things you will need to change than you expect.

And Finally

Once you’ve successfully settled in your new home, you can finally start to allocate your time and energy into really enjoying your new city – join some classes, start volunteering in the local communities, or just get lost wondering your new “backyard”.

The Story of Polar Park Brewery

One of Edmonton’s newest breweries is getting ready to hit the ground running and it has a backstory that will have you getting comfortable and sitting down for a beer. If you are familiar with the private animal park once also known as the Alberta Game Farm, then you’ll know why they kept the name Polar Park for their brewery. It’s a legacy.

Now hold my beer while I tell you a little bit about Al Oeming. That man was a legend. His boyhood neighbour, the one and only Stu Hart was a big part of his life. Growing up the two served in the Royal Canadian Navy During the Second World War. The two would feed off of each other’s love for strength training and wrestling. After the war was over, they moved to Harlem, New York. Stu was like a big brother to Al, and their move to New York was to enable them to fight in the National Wrestling Alliance. They fought under “Toots” Mondt who would later become the co-promoter for the W.W.F. (now W.W.E.).


After some time, Al and Stu were able to buy the Alberta rights for the wrestling organization. This was known as Stampede Wrestling promotion. When Al was a boy, his father had instilled a love of animals and wildlife, but it was when he met his proffessor, that his passion really took off. As Al and Stu promoted wrestling events, Al majored in ornithology at the U of A and obtained his masters in Zoology. Al’s professor, Dr. William Rowan, one of Canada’s top world renowned zoologists was who really sparked his interested in zoology. Al went on to become the Edmonton Zoological society’s inaugural president while selling his share of the wrestling venture to Stu, and using his investment to create the Alberta Game Farm which was later known as Polar Park.

Al Oeming is known for his love for animals, and for presenting to kids and large audiences and sharing his love for animals all over the country. Polar Park, while distant to someone my age, was a well known destination for those older than me. It’s amazing for me to think that I missed out on this Park because the passion for the animals is evident. The vast space and freedom that the animals had was unique to Polar Park.

If there is one thing I can tell you about the Oeming family, it is that they are extremely ambitious. When I went to the brewery for my tour, I got to meet Al Oeming’s son, Todd Oeming. Al Oeming passed away in 2014 but in the years where he needed the help and support, Todd brought his busy life in the commercial real estate industry back home to be around and to support his father. In the years since Al’s passing, Todd has been battling against cancer. His son, Robert has returned home to support him, just as Todd did for Al. The legacy of Polar Park lives on. There will always be a love for Wildlife in the Oeming family. It is just a piece of their legacy which will become the Polar Park Brewery.

What sets Polar Park Brewery apart from any other in Edmonton is their ability to create a broad selection of beer. They are well equipped with a great deal of custom fabrication and attention to detail. If you like nitro brews, they will have you covered. Their space at the top floor of the building has been reinforced to allow a weight capacity to accomodate events such as wedding receptions, networking events, parties, etc. Their bar is meticulously planned with the little details in mind, the atmosphere will be unique. Their brewmaster has a vast experience in the industry and they’ve got shareholders such as the likes of former Oiler, Andrew Ference. It’s a very exciting time to drink beer in Edmonton. Stay tuned to their social media, as their opening day is projected to be only a matter of a few months away.

Chris Liddle


Strength Within A Community

Strength Within A Community

When you look at your lifestyle, what are your biggest limiting factors? What holds you back? What makes you feel self conscious, and what would you say that you are not good enough at?

You can frame yourself any way you like but it is inevitably influenced by the people you integrate into your lifestyle. Key word, integrate, you control the people variable. You are able to manipulate your future success by placing successful people, or the people who consistently succeed within your midst. You can actually change your attitude to becoming more progress-oriented and motivated simply based on who surrounds you. People power.

When Do You Feel Self Conscious?

Maybe it’s that feeling you get when you go somewhere for the first time. Think about who is present with you, and who you are looking to for support. This is something that is not to be overlooked when creating your best life, and trying out a gym for the first time.

You will inevitably be in positions throughout your life where you try something new. You want to be in a community where your self conscious feelings are put at bay and where you are able to be yourself. When someone goes through a series of learning curves, trial and error, and tough lessons, it is those people that have a sense of learned compassion because they know what it’s like to be new, to be uncomfortable, to fail, and to be wrong. You need to learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and it’s easier to do when you have the right kind of support. It’s okay to look silly, it’s okay to not know how to do everything, to be new, or to not be the best.

Remove The Toxicity

Have you ever heard people talking about how they needed to remove toxicity from their life? This doesn’t just pertain to social media posts and people you follow.

Mental health is the foundation to which our actions in life are built on. If your mental health is unstable, your actions are inconsistent. You want to be in a community that thrives off of you seeing personal success, and not a community in which your success is compared to the success of others.

When you are passionate about something, are you being supported towards your goals within that passion or are you being mocked for the passion you chose? If it is important to you, you will need to find people who share the same passion as you in order to move forward. No matter how strong you are, you do not need to set yourself up with a barricade of opposing values. An individual focused on nutrition will not become more nutritious if they spend all their spare time around someone does not have nutrition as top of mind in their wellness goals. Same goes for implementing training into your routine. Those who are consistent, make commitments, and those who do not make those commitments are not consistent. Your people need to be just as committed as you are.

Find Your People

So at the end of the day, the takeaway from all of this is that you need to find a community that is strengthened by the wins of each of its members. You need to be in a place where when one person succeeds, everyone feels good. You want to find people who have learned the tough lessons, who know what it feels like to fail or to feel uncomfortable. Your best interests need to be in alignment with the best interests of others in the community. So if your best interests are living a nutritionally balanced and active lifestyle, then your community has to have that as one of its pillars. If you can check all these boxes, your goals will be attainable, your success will be sustainable, and you are going to be celebrating your wins with people who make winning feel great. Find your people and conquer your plans in life.

Chris Liddle

Audiology For Everyone

Have you ever gone to a concert, come home and then the next day at breakfast been like “WHAAAAAT did you SAAAAAY??”. Face it, most of us probably have. The struggle of being wild and free is real. To be more clear, ringing in the ears post being around loud noises is called tinnitus – and there is a direct correlation between tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears) and hearing loss.

We can’t take for granted, our hearing capabilities are a huge part of our quality of life. It’s a mode of communication in which you can express joy, sadness, gratitude and any number of emotions. Good hearing can make life easier, can ease communication in your relationships, it is not sustained if we abuse it.

This is where Ruhee Kassam comes in. Passionate about hearing health, she advocates that you take care of what you have. In Alberta, our economy has been greatly supported by the industrial and oilfield sector. This means heavy machinery, loud tools, engine noise, horns, and constant idling that can build up to hearing loss. The sad truth is, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. With the job force out there, you are more than likely someone who should be taking precautions to maintain your hearing health.

March 3rd is World Hearing Day. What would you say if I told you that you could invest in hearing protection where you could still hear a concert to the fullest, then get home and hear someone clearly when they ask you to pass the milk the next day. How many times do you ask someone to repeat what they said in a day? If it’s getting worse and worse your hearing loss will be irreversible. Sometimes it’s just a matter of “what did I look into?”, and “what do I wish I had looked into years ago?”. In addition, for those who are hearing impairing led, technology makes advances every year and the odds that your abilities could be improved through innovation have become greater than ever.

Ruhee is passionate about Audiology from a personal experience – seeing first hand what she could provide for a family member who had been struggling with hearing loss and seeing the joy that ensued. You never know if you are hearing everything you should be. The only way to know for sure is to see an Audiologist.

Contest Time!! We are going to be giving away a $50 gift card for Central Social Hall, courtesy of the Audiology Clinic to one lucky person when we randomly select someone on March 3rd! Here’s what you have to do:

Head to Instagram and follow @christianliddle and @yeg_audiology. Comment on the post shown below by tagging a friend and saying the loudest thing you’ve ever heard together. Tag as many friends as you want and if you tag on both pages, your odds increase. We’ll draw a name from all the valid entries on March 3rd. Good Luck!

Finding your fit with “The Projct” and Jordan Jeske

Not just a gym, not just a community, a collaboration.

Jordan Jeske has been a fitness professional and leader in the industry here in Edmonton for a number of years. He has a skill set that is highly beneficial to golfers trying to increase performance but he brings a lot more than just golf with his newest platform that he has dubbed “The Projct”.

So what exactly is it? Well, it’s finding that way to immerse people into the lifestyle of being better and finding a way to involve people with their busy changing lifestyle. Creating space for full potential not just in the gym but with life in general.  It’s not a quick solution and it’s not just about building muscle or burning calories. It’s a journey, because when it comes to personal growth, the growing never stops.

In the months to come, Jordan has a few key projects he has put a lot of passion into. He still has a focus on Golf and has launched a Golf Life Performance Series which is a series of 4 evenings to focus on stability, mobility and functional strength for recreational or competitive golfers.

He has also launched a ladies-specific event called Strong(her), this is 4 weeks long consisting of a workout paired with an informational workshop once per week. The workouts will be transferable, empowering you to find your fit in any gym. Wellness myths will be busted, confidence will be gained. Everyone deserves a full toolbox going into the gym and they all deserve to have confidence  to take on their fitness goals independently in any setting. That will be something to be gained from this experience. It is definitely an opportunity worth checking out for any women out there.

Lastly, an event that is still pre-launch as of this blog post, Jordan has an event for men. It’s designed to specifically target those who have taken on family responsibilities and have lost touch with their bro bonding time. A lot of bros out there have a good idea how to lift, but maybe need a refresher. For those pros out there, sometimes you just need to get the boys together and have a good grunt sesh. Maybe a beer. Maybe some ping pong. Finally the time has come, an excuse to tell the wife you have an important commitment. This is the event ferda boyss.

So if any of this intrigues you, you can find out more about The Projct at In addition, Jordan and I will be collaborating on a HIIT class this Sunday February 25 (doors at 8:30AM, workout begins at 9:00AM – be there early) at Central Social Hall. There are a few spots left, and at $20 including brunch, you won’t find a workout with better value. Eventbrite for that is here: 

Find your fit and have fun doing it.

Chris Liddle

Fire Extinguisher Tips

Not very many people have been properly trained in how to use a fire extinguisher. You see them everywhere you go: your workplace, your school, hopefully your home, and any public building, such as shops and restaurants. You may have an idea of how they work, but in the event that you needed to use one would you light up or sizzle out?

Below, we discuss the importance of knowing how to use a fire extinguisher, some tips to remember, and some additional training you can take if you would like to learn more.

Why It’s Important

This seems as it should be common sense. Fires pose a real danger during our day-to-day lives, whether it be at home, school, work or in public. Knowing how to react and being properly trained could mean the difference between life and death in a situation you never thought you would be in.


PASS is an acronym that makes it easier to remember the four main steps to using a fire extinguisher. If you are ever in a situation where you need to use one, follow these steps:

P: Pull the pin that unlocks the operating lever.

A: Aim low.

S: Squeeze the lever above the handle.

S: Sweep the nozzle from side to side.

Things To Know

Different types of fires require different types of fire extinguishers. Fires range of Class A to Class D, as well as a Class K.

Class A: these fires involve ordinary combustibles such as wood, cloth, or paper.

Class B: these fires involve flammable liquids, such as gasoline, oil, paints, etc.

Class C: these fires involve electrical equipment, such as power tools, fuse boxes, wiring, etc.

Class D: these fires involve combustible metals, such as magnesium or sodium.

Class K: these fires involve cooking oils used in commercial cooking equipment.

It is important to recognize what type of fire you are dealing with, as treating a fire with the wrong extinguisher may only cause more problems.

Training/Classes Available

For anyone interested in becoming more knowledgeable and prepared for any situation that may require a fire extinguisher, there are plenty of training courses and information sessions available.

These courses are great for anyone, but would be particularly important for anyone working in a public place with a higher fire hazard rate, such as a restaurant kitchen, for an individual working in a school where children’s lives may be at stake in the case of a fire, or for parents or individuals who wish to keep an extinguisher in their home.

Cool Down

Knowing how to react in the event of a fire, and how to properly use a fire extinguisher, could make a big difference for the people and structures involved. Share these tips with your family members, coworkers, and friends to ensure that all of your loved one’s and acquaintances are properly equipped to deal with any fire related emergencies they may face.

Help keep yourself and others safe; spread the word like wildfire.

Keeping Your Home Safe In The Winter

It is that time of year again, the Canadian winter we all know and love. Amidst prepping their cars and their closets for the upcoming season, there is one thing that most people forget to consider: their homes.

Your home, aside from being your largest investment, is first and foremost the shelter that keeps you and your family warm throughout the winter. What a lot of people don’t realize is that along with winter come a variety of different problems and hazards that can present themselves within your home.

Below, we’ve outlined some of these potential problems and hazards, and possible solutions, to help in keeping your home safe in the winter.

Potential Problems

  • Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are quite common once the temperature drops below zero, and not only are they an inconvenience, but can also caused burst pipes, which are a lot more troublesome and a lot harder to repair. Try these tricks to help keep your homes pipes from freezing.

  • Fireplace Issues

It is important to ensure your chimney has been inspected and is in good working order for the upcoming winter season, as moisture from snow from last winter may have caused a variety of problems for your chimney.

Any home that has a fireplace should also be properly equipped with working smoke detectors and an up-to-date fire extinguisher. While we hope neither of these ever need to be used, they are important to have in the event of any fire related emergency.

  • Heat Related Hazards

Winter is a time of space heaters, electric blankets, and everything else designed to keep us warm. While these products certainly do us a service on the colder days, it is important to remember that they can also come with certain risks.

When using products like this always make sure to take caution. Keep space heaters away from anything sensitive to heat or flammable; the best place is the center of a room. With products like heated blankets or sheets, always ensure to turn them off when you are not using them, and especially when you are leaving the house.


Aside from prevention techniques, the best assurance is insurance. Whether it is your primary residence you are concerned about, or perhaps a rental property, having a proper insurance policy is the best way to protect yourself and your home. Insurance policies cover a variety of situations and are easily tailored to each individuals situation, meaning that you can find the perfect policy to suit you and your property.

What Happens If I Lose My Will?

Whether you have a substantial estate, or simply a few sentimental items, having a will is crucial if you want to dictate how your possessions will be distributed when you are gone. Without a will, you are considered to have died “intestate” and the provincial law then dictate the division of your estate.

Perhaps you have lost your will, you are preparing to make a will, or maybe you are wondering whether or not you should make copies of the one you already have.

In any circumstance, the first and foremost thing to know is that a will being lost does not automatically invalidate it. A will becomes invalid only if and when the will maker revokes the will intentionally.

There are a few different factors to consider when a will has been lost, and different processes depending on the situation. Below, we’ve outlined a few of the factors that need to be taken into consideration, and what effect they will have on the estate.

Possession of the Will

If a will is seemingly lost, but was in the will makers’ possession immediately before their death, the assumption is that the will was revoked intentionally. This is difficult to disprove, and in this circumstance, the estate will usually be considered “intestate”.

If the Will is missing but was not in the possession of the will maker before their death, the deceased’s executor will need to find a photocopy of the original.

Copies of the Will

Often, if a person had their Will drawn up at a lawyers office, the lawyers office will keep the original and the individual will take home a photocopy, usually containing the information of the lawyer’s office that holds the original. (Your accountant may also be involved in this process).

If the original is still unable to be found, the photocopy, along with supporting affidavits from the estates executor and the lawyer who prepared the document are more often than not sufficient in proving the photocopy is the deceased’s original Will.

A photocopy is not to be mixed up with a true copy, where a photocopy contains copies of the necessary signatures, a true copy only contains the names of the deceased and the witnesses in quotes. True copies are difficult to have proven as originals.

No Will and No Copy

It is possible, still, to prove the wishes the deceased had laid out in their last Will, even without the original or a copy, through a Court application. The deceased’s family and friends must go before a judge and show evidence supporting their claims of what the deceased’s wishes were for the estate. If no proof is evident, the estate will go into intestacy.


If no Will or proof of last wishes can be found, the estate becomes intestate, in which case the provincial government will decide how your estate is to be divided. There are various ways in which they will typically divide an estate.

  • If you have a spouse and no children, the estate will pass to the spouse
  • If you have a spouse and children, the estate will be divided amongst them
  • If you have no spouse and no children, the estate will pass to your parents
  • If you have no parents, the estate will be divided amongst your siblings, and so on…

Will You?

If you have a Will, you have possessions, money, property, etc. that you want to be given to specific people upon your passing. It is important to keep your Will, or at least a photocopy of it, in a safe place that will be easily found by your executor when the time comes.

If not, you risk having your estate divided up in a way that you have not decided on.

Preparing Your Vehicle For Winter Driving

Winter driving is inevitable in most parts of the country. With the winter season comes plenty of snow and ice, which hinder the driving conditions we are faced with, often resulting in more accidents. These conditions call for increased attention, caution, and preparation to help you stay safe on the road.

Driving in these conditions can be quite intimidating, especially for new drivers. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do before the snow falls to help prepare your vehicle for winter driving. These preparations, along with safe and condition-appropriate driving, should help you skate through the winter driving season without a problem.

  1. Have Winter Tires Installed

Winter tires should be the first thing you consider when the seasons start to change. A good set of winter tires will combat the snow, ice, and temperature exponentially better than even the best all season tires.

You will have increased traction in the snow, your stopping time will be severely shortened, and you will have more all around control over the vehicle’s handling.

  1. Create an Emergency Kit to Keep in Your Car

While you should have an emergency kit in your car all year round, it is especially important to have during the colder months. If you end up in a situation where you are going to be stuck in your car for an extended period of time, an emergency kit can make all the difference.

Include items such as a blanket, extra hats and mittens, candles, food, and first aid equipment.

  1. Buy Extra Washer Fluid to Keep in Your Car

It’s not news that driving on slushy winter roads means going through washer fluid faster than a kid goes downhill on a crazy carpet.

If you were to run out of washer fluid, you would not make it very far, at least safely, attempting to squint through the thick brown slush building up on your windshield.

Swap out your old wiper blades for a fresh new set, and always keep an extra jug of washer fluid in the backseat or trunk of your car for these lovely, dirty days.

  1. Have Your Car Taken In For Maintenance

Now, it’s important to keep your car maintained all year round, but at this time of year it is even more so. Making sure your car is in tip-top shape can help you avoid any unwanted situations.

  • Get your brakes checked – with the roads being slippery, being able to stop quickly is even more important
  • Ensure you are using the proper oil for winter – thinner oil (such as 5W30) circulates better in colder weather than thicker oil (such as 10W30) does
  • Ensure your battery is in good condition – the cold temperatures are hard on a car’s battery, and having a car that won’t start is about as useful as having no car at all
  • General Maintenance – make sure everything is in good working condition, such as your lights, heating system, etc.

Slow It Down

While these preparations make your car ready for winter, you need to be ready for winter as well. Prepare yourself mentally and physically for the changes in driving conditions. Drive slower, give yourself more time to get places, stay alert, dress appropriately for the weather, and only get in the car when you need to.

Here Comes The Sun: Benefits of Enlarging Basement Windows

Are you building a new house? Renovating your current one? Or maybe you flip houses for a living?

Whichever one of these you said yes to, there is one thing you all have in common: deciding what to do with the basement.

In the past, basements were typically used for storage, mechanical equipment, or the laundry room, and were often left unfinished. Nowadays, however, basements are being used for anything and everything, from bedrooms, family rooms, game rooms, and even full on suites for guests or renters.

With basements now being used as everyday living space, you’ll want to eliminate the image of dark, damp and unwelcome that the word basement typically equates to. One great way to do this is by letting in as much natural light as possible. Do this by adding more windows or enlarging the ones that are already there.

Aside from creating a comfortable, inviting space, and refreshing the look of your basement, there are a few other benefits of enlarging basement windows that you may not realize.

Safety, Safety, Safety

The most significant benefit of having larger basement windows is the safety factor. In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, having larger windows create an accessible and easy exit.

New building codes often consider larger windows, known as egress windows, a requirement if the basement is going to be used as a living space.


Enlarging the windows in your basement can significantly increase the property value of your home. Firstly, by bringing any basement rooms you have up to legal code, you can then include them in the calculation of your homes square footage. Secondly, adding safety features as well as more appealing design and more inviting space to your home will attract the attention of buyers.

Both of these factors will help raise your assessed property value, thereby increasing your equity or your potential selling price.

Looks Matter Too

Lastly, adding these larger windows and exterior window wells to your basement can give you a new canvas for adding to the design style of your home.

The type of windows you choose and how you build the well can add personality to the outside of your home. You can use different types of stone, bricks, or wood to design a beautiful window well to enhance your homes curb appeal.

Size Does Matter After All

As you can see, enlarging the windows in your basement offers a variety of benefits, ranging from safety code features to your own personal design touch.

Whether you are remodeling an investment property for resale or are working on renovating or building your own home, adding larger windows to your basement should be at the top of your to-do list.



Legal Corner: What Is the Definition of Impaired Driving in Alberta?

Legal Corner: What Is the Definition of Impaired Driving in Alberta?

What is the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of impaired driving? For most people, the answer is alcohol, specifically, the act of driving while drunk. Drunk driving is, unfortunately, a common aspect of society in today’s world.

However, while most may assume that impaired refers to drunk, there are a number of “impairments” that can affect a driver’s abilities.

What Is Impaired Driving?

In Alberta, the term “impaired driving” is defined as operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

So while drunk driving is the typical assumption, the use of any drugs prior to driving is just as dangerous and just as serious of an offence.

Regardless, an impaired driving charge can change your life forever.

The Statistics (Canada)

In 2015, the number of impaired driving incidents in Canada was at it’s lowest since 1986, at a rate of 201 incidents per 100,000 person population, with 72,039 incidents in total.

A total of 4% of these incidents were drug related, being an increase from previous years.

While the statistics show a consistent decrease in impaired driving incidents, there is still a long way to go before impaired driving is no longer an issue on Canadian roads.

Impaired driving remains the leading criminal related cause of death in the country. According to MADD Canada, in 2012 58% of vehicle crash deaths involved drivers with positive alcohol and/or drug readings.

What may come as a surprise is that majority of these drivers were under the influence of drugs (rather than alcohol), with cannabis being the most common.

The Alternatives

There are so many dependable, accessible, affordable and safe alternatives that getting behind the wheel while impaired should never be a contending option.

For example, one could: call a taxi or uber; take public transportation, such as a bus or train; ensure there is a designated driver in the group; call a friend or relative for a ride; walk or bike home; spend the night (if possible) and drive home in the morning; or refrain from drinking or doing drugs altogether if driving appears to be the only option.


No-one deserves to lose a father, mother, child, or friend because someone else made the selfish and foolish decision to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Impaired driving is never the answer.

Not only are the available alternatives safer for the individual driving, but also prevent harm from coming to innocent bystanders or other drivers on the road.

3 Successful Alberta Companies Supporting Oil & Gas In 2018

3 Successful Alberta Companies Supporting Oil & Gas In 2018

Oil & Gas is Alberta’s largest and most vital industry. Despite the economic downturn and the decreasing price of oil and gas causing hardships throughout the industry, it is still one of the biggest and busiest in the province.

With 2018 just around the corner, the oil & gas industry is expected to see consistency and stabilization for the first time since the crash. After huge budget cuts, devastating layoffs, and numerous closures, the industry is being looked at optimistically once again.

Not only is this anticipated recovery a huge sigh of relief for the provinces many Oil & Gas companies, and the province itself, it is also drawing the attention of various companies across the province who are ready to invest in and support the industry once again.

There are many ways in which different businesses can support the Oil & Gas industry, such as providing equipment, providing services, or providing financial support. Here are 3 successful Alberta companies that are supporting Oil & Gas in 2018.

GRM Flow Products

GRM Flow Products is a Canadian company based out of Edmonton, Alberta that offers oilfield wellhead and valve parts as well as maintenance and repair services. They actively work with numerous oilfield companies to ensure their wellheads and valves are of the highest quality and are running smoothly and safely.

Acumen Capital

Acumen Capital is a Calgary based boutique investment dealer. The Vice President of Acumen, Ian Thomson, has pitched and created a fund project with the intention of supporting Alberta’s smaller oil and gas companies by aiding in drilling and exploration, but also by restoring old, inactive wells.

Blackline Safety

Blackline Safety is company from Calgary, Alberta that focuses on creating and supplying safety-monitoring products to multiple industries. They have recently introduced the “world’s first wireless gas detector with 3G wireless, two-way speakerphone and live monitoring”. Their innovative and unique products offer a new level of protection to oil and gas workers across the country.


Evidently, there are many Albertan companies that are prepared and willing to support the Oil & Gas industry in a number of ways in the upcoming year of 2018. These companies offer a variety of products to enhance oilfield equipment; maintenance and repair services; investment funds necessary to create new sites and restore old ones; and safety products, to ensure the safety of the industries hardest workers.

GRM Flow Products, Acumen Capital, and Blackline Safety are only three of the many companies throughout the province that are gladly supporting Alberta’s Oil & Gas industry during the industries rebuild.


Online Therapy: Mental Health Services For Rural Alberta

Online Therapy: Mental Health Services For Rural Alberta

Living in a rural area can often mean having a lack of amenities, resources, and services readily available. This can be problematic if the service needed is any type of therapy, counseling, or mental aid, as anyone needing this type of help should not go without.

While depression and other mental illnesses are just as common in rural areas as they are in metropolitan areas, rural areas have exponentially less mental health services available, meaning rural residents are much less likely to receive the help they need.

With the world today being so driven by technology and revolving so heavily on the internet, it is no surprise that services such as therapy are now being offered through a variety of online methods.

These new delivery methods, known as “Online Therapy”, can be very beneficial for those living in rural areas. Don’t let your location be a barrier – learn more about this style of counselling below

What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is the delivery of therapy or counseling over the Internet, via formats such as email, video chatting, and instant messaging.

While online therapy has limitations, it is a great tool for anyone seeking guidance or advice, and can act as a great supplement to traditional therapy sessions as well.

How Would Rural Residents Benefit?

The main concern for Alberta rural residents in need of this service would be accessibility.

One is not likely to seek counselling if they must travel away from home to find the service. Travelling to a more urban area for a service such as therapy can be time consuming, expensive, and may not even be possible, depending on the individual’s situation, location or schedule.

By providing individuals the opportunity to connect with a therapist via email or videoconference, it alleviates the need to travel, and can also work with a more flexible schedule than traditional face-to-face sessions.

Having access to a larger pool of therapists and counselors to choose from can also benefit the individual by allowing them to choose someone more suited to aid with their situation and their needs.

Urban residents have many differences when compared to someone who has been born and raised in a rural community. Online therapy may be able to connect that individual with a therapist who has experience in rural settings or who is familiar with the area, for example.


Mental illness is a serious matter, and anyone in need of any aid, advice, or guidance should have access to a reputable and affordable therapy service.

Online therapy can ensure that even those living in remote or rural areas are able to connect with professionals who can give them the counseling and help they need and deserve.

Edmonton Expo 2017-Nicole Murphy

Edmonton Expo: Supporting local talent

By: Nicole Murphy

With big names like William Shatner, Gene Simmons, and Alex Kingston the Edmonton Expo brought in nerds from all around the land! Myself included. Although my fandom lays in mainstream shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter, what I enjoy
about the Expo is seeing the lesser known artist and shows right in our own backyard. A filmmaker myself I love supporting my community, getting to see my friends shine, and sharing content alike.

I went to a panel discussion called Caution: Comedy! Featuring actors, writers, producers and directors from Edmonton made sketch comedy series, CAUTION: May Contain Nuts. A show that aires on APTN which doesn’t have certain broadcast limitations,  which long story short means they can swear! Which is kickass!!!


During the panel discussion the audience was shown clips from the 4th season that the cast hadn’t even seen yet! The actors answered questions in a humours and inappropriate fashion which is not a surprise, if you have seen the show.  Plus one lucky person won an extras spot on the show filming right now.  The intimate size of the panel discussion made you feel like you were just hanging out with your friends watching youtube videos at home, but the professional quality of the comedy really made you appreciate the talent that lives right here in Edmonton.

Actress Aimée Beaudoin explained “It is nice to watch the show with an audience and hear their reaction, it beats watching it at home with my mom and grandma as they fake getting the jokes.”  While in the same sentiment director Galen Pendleton said “ at the end of the day, it is all for them.(Audience).”

Another local Albertan, Spencer Estabrooks creator of Sharkasaurus, and One Hit Die, was at the Edmonton Expo connecting with fans, and building more of an audience for his upcoming graphic novel based on the Sharkasaurus. When asked why he moved into comics he explained “ It really gives me a chance to push my imagination to the limit, because in film it is harder to show certain things.”

His energetic and fun demeanour had people of all ages engaged and interested in the somewhat wacky content that has made up his career as a storyteller. Estabrooks also explained how the Expo gives him an opportunity to find out what is goin and support other local artists.

Overall the Edmonton Expo was a great experience, getting you back into a child like mindset of make believe and bringing celebrities to our doorstep, however getting to hangout and connect with the content creators from right here in Alberta was by far the best experience.

For more information on CAUTION: May Contain Nuts go to and  check out for Spencer Estabrooks crazy brain children.

Why Condo Insurance Is Different From Home Insurance

Buying a new home is an exciting milestone in ones life. Amidst all of the excitement, however, comes the responsibility of figuring out what type of insurance you’ll need for your new home. What many people don’t realize is that the type of home you’ve purchased, such as a condo versus a house, will have an impact on what kind of insurance policy you will need.

While the two may seem quite similar, there are a few key reasons as to why condo insurance is different from home insurance.


Ownership is the primary difference between condo’s and houses. With a house, you own the entire structure, as well as the land it sits on. With a condo, you own only the interior of your unit. This plays a large part in the differences in insurance policies.

With home insurance, your policy will cover both the exterior and the interior of the home, your personal belongings, the property your house sits on, and any outlying buildings (i.e.: sheds or garages).

With condo insurance, your policy will generally cover the interior walls of your unit and most things inside, such as cabinetry, furniture, appliances, and personal belongings. In addition to your policy, there will be a building insurance policy, known as the master policy that covers the exterior of your unit and shared common areas. This master policy will usually be built into the price of the Homeowners Association (HOA) fees.

Loss Assessment Coverage

Loss Assessment Coverage is something that home-owners do not need, but that condo owners should seriously consider. Because of the shared ownership of common spaces in a condo building, it is important to include Loss Assessment Coverage in your policy. Shared spaces in a condo building typically include the lobby, gym, pool area, and elevators.

Your buildings insurance policy covers most incidents that occur outside of the unit you own, however, if these incidents cost over and above what the master policy covers, the owners of the units can be responsible for paying the difference. Loss Assessment Coverage protects you from paying out of pocket in such situations.


Premiums can vary greatly between condo insurance policies and homeowner insurance policies. Of course, this aspect depends on the size and value of the property you own. In general, because condo owners are typically insuring less than a homeowner (smaller units, no exterior coverage and no land coverage), condo insurance is usually significantly cheaper than home insurance.

In Summary

While there are a number other smaller variations between the two, these are the main reasons why condo insurance is different from home insurance. It is important to understand how and why these policies are different, and when each type of policy is required. Insurance is one of the most important aspects of home-ownership as it protects your home and your belongings as well as protecting you from liabilities.

Anyone looking to, or in the process of purchasing a home should take the time to learn about the various types of insurance policies available to them.

Difference Between Big Law Firms & Boutique Law Firms

Whether you are looking for legal representation or are looking for work in the legal world, trying to decide whether big law or a boutique firm are right for you can often be a difficult process. Both big and boutique law firms come with their share of pros and cons, either of which will vary depending on the person and the situation being regarded.

Before deciding which route to take, it is important to understand the difference between big law firms and boutique law firms apart from how they vary in size.

Big Law Firms

Big law firms are considered full service. They cater to a variety of legal scenarios and offer years of experience.

If you are seeking to hire a lawyer, choosing the route of big law will often leave you with more options. However, with big law firms, there is a higher chance that the firm you choose may not accept your case due to a number of reasons. If your case is accepted, you can be sure you will be represented well and have a team of lawyers with exceptional qualifications and experience behind you.

If you are seeking a position within a law firm, there are many factors to consider regarding big law. One of the top factors to consider is necessary qualifications. The candidate pools for large firms are extremely competitive. Additionally, you will have to work long days and nights to ensure reaching your billable hours for the year, and it often takes a lot longer to work your way up within the firm.

In saying that, the salaries offered by big law firms are very generous, you will have the opportunity to work amongst highly credentialed professionals, and will experience a diverse clientele.

Boutique Law Firms

What is a boutique law firm? A boutique firm is a smaller law office that generally specializes entirely in one niche.

As someone looking for legal aid, you may have less options available in terms of boutique law firms because of how specialized they are. It is very dependent on what your situation is. However, you know your lawyer will have quality experience handling similar cases. There is also less of a chance of being turned away due to a conflict of interests for the firm, and you will receive more personalized attention. In a boutique firm, every case is equally as important, and your team is more readily available to support you throughout the process.

As a professional looking for work, finding a position within a boutique firm may not be the easiest task. Boutique firms are founded on their expertise in specific fields, so if you have little to no experience, you will likely have a difficult time finding a position. However, if you do have experience and are looking to transition to small law, boutique firms do have their benefits.

As they are smaller, you will have less competition and more opportunity for larger cases, your schedule and work environment could be more flexible, and you will have greater opportunity for client contact than you may in a large firm, where significant cases and one on one with clients are often handled by more senior lawyers.


Evidently, both big and boutique law firms are characterized by various advantages and disadvantages. It is important to take in all of these considerations when choosing between the two whether you are seeking legal representation or are applying for positions within a firm. Knowing the difference between big law firms and boutique law firms and making an educated decision can make a world of difference in your case or your career.

Stoneworks Granite & Quartz Inc.

Edmonton Kitchen Trends In 2017

Interior design changes at the drop of a hat. Some features remain timeless, while others are swept out with the waves. If you are yearning to remodel your home in Edmonton in 2017, you’ll need to know what is currently moving the market. Here are some stellar designs to keep in mind:

Changing kitchen trends in 2017

Knobs are gone

Have you ever noticed while you are watching television, or flipping through a magazine, that nobody uses knobs anymore? Simply put, they are awkward and should be nothing more than a memory of your grandmother’s furniture. Fortunately, nobody else seems to miss them, either. Everything in the kitchen is being equipped with wide and stylish handles. It’s an updated look, which very well could become a timeless change in modern-day interior design.

Distressed is over with

Did anyone else hop on the bandwagon for the “distressed” look? I didn’t think so. With the sudden urge to replicate a “country farm” style home, many people opted for the distressed and weathered appearance. Thankfully, this also seems to be out of the running now that most people prefer even-toned, solid-painted cabinets in every corner of their kitchen. Whether you choose modern or rustic, there’s a definite plus to this switch in trends, and it works for every project.

Quartz instead of granite?

Quartz is a fantastic material for durable countertops and is quickly becoming a trend over the long-time reigning champion that is granite. Manufacturers are creating color-engineered quartz countertops to make them more appealing to the mass market; we can certainly appreciate that. They go extremely well alongside wooden cabinetry.

LED Lighting

Recess lighting has always been a fantastic and stylish addition to any kitchen, only now, they’re coming mostly in LED. There is just something in particular that these LED lights do that illuminate and display your kitchen area instead of making it feel like it’s in a shop window; it’s inviting, tying the space together perfectly.

Cabinet Style Range Hoods

This is possibly one of the smartest innovations in recent times. Whatever your cabinet material and design is planned to be, can also be incorporated into a cover that goes over your range hood to tie the space together. It still juts out farther from your cabinets but looks like it was built-in and meant to be there, instead of awkwardly sticking out. It’s a game-changer. Even if you’re used to, and love the slender stainless steel stove ranges, you’ll have to give this concept a try.

Multi-Level Islands

It is unlikely that kitchen islands will ever be obsolete in design as their functionality secures them that spot. More often, a kitchen island will double as a breakfast nook with one side being raised, giving you the feeling that you’re sitting on a pub stool. It’s something we expect to see in a lot more homes as this year goes on.


As they become increasingly sleek, stylish and uniform in design, the thought of a kitchen renovation doesn’t seem so scary anymore. Not when you can see what is there to create and how blending these ideas are a surefire way to craft a beautiful and elegant kitchen in 2017.

About Stoneworks Granite

Stoneworks Granite & Quartz Inc. is a locally founded company, specializing in the sale, manufacture, and installation of granite, marble and quartz surfaces. We offer a beautiful showroom, complete with finished rooms and individual accent pieces to inspire. Come visit us now to explore all the options for your home!

Edmonton Craft Beer Festival

Spring is here! So you know what that means, patio season is right around the corner! What a better way to enjoy a hot day than with an ice cold Alberta Beer.

Tonight is the festival launch for Alberta Beer Festival season. Each year, ABF does 5 shows. Edmonton Craft Beerfest, Edmonton Oktokberfest, Calgary Craft Beerfest, Calgary Oktoberfest & Banff Craft Beer Festival.

If you would like to attend an exclusive beer party, join us at CRAFT Beer Market Edmonton for Alberta Beer Festivals festival launch party TONIGHT, 4-7pm! You can meet new people, sample the ABF ‘Be the brewer beer’ and WIN get prizes by playing Beerfest Bingo!

It is FREE to attend, just register here:

Once Upon a Time in Graceland-Jubilations

You all know how much I love twitter, and I was lucky enough to win a Twitter contest from Jubilations which got me 2 tickets to a showing of Once Upon A Time in Graceland. I was allowed to choose my seats & date for the show. I was excited to be going to another Jubilations show, as I have only been once before, last year for my 30th birthday.

Here’s a short exert of what the show is about:

Something has gone wrong in the land of fables and dreams! The evil Queen has placed a strange curse upon many of our most loved fairy tale characters. They do not remember how their classic stories unfold and now these tales are in jeopardy of being retold…and no one will live happily ever after. There is one King who can fight this evil Queen, a man who rose from being an incredible performer to becoming a legend himself, a legend that became the King, the King known as… Elvis!


We started the meal with a choice of Once Upon a Soup or the Enchanted Forest
salad. I had the salad & my Mom the soup, both were delicious!


For dinner we had the option of True Love’s Chicken Kiev, The Fairest Fish of them all, Raviolstiltskin or King’s Prime Feast. I chose the cheese stuffed ravioli (Raviolstiltskin) &Mom tried the chicken (True Love’s Chicken Kiev).



Both dishes were gobbled up quicker than a Hound Dog! Between the scenes the staff were super interactive & attentive of our needs. I was very impressed that everyone was in costume & they never broke character.

image7Just before the last scene we were served dessert. The choices were The Evil Queen’s Curse (chocolate cake) or The Happily Ever After (vanilla cake). Let me tell you, they are Always On My Mind!

image5image6One of my favorite aspects of the dinner theatre is that they always recognize special people & life events happening that evening of the guests. They invite guests up who are celebrating their birthdays, anniversary’s, everything!

image8The staff does a fantastic job of getting you moving & groovin’ in your Blue Suede Shoes! After the show ends, you have the opportunity to meet the staff that has been serving you all night and they come out in regular clothes. Plus you have the opportunity to get your picture with the show cast.

From the moment you walk into the doors at Jubilations, until the end of the show you truly feel like you are a part of another world! So if you are looking for an evening out with your family, spouse, or your staff members I highly recommend Jubilations!

Once Upon a Time in Graceland runs until August 23rd. Up after that is Modern Family Vacation



Pig & Pints- Central Social Hall St.Albert

On July 12 I got to spend my Sunday Funday at Central Social Hall’s newest location in St. Albert for their Pig & Pints event, in partnership with Samuel Adams. The event was open to the public from 4:00 pm to close, to try out the the whole roasted hog (cooked by All Seasons Pig Roast & Bar-B-Q ) and $5 delicious pints of Samuel Adams.

7T62OuzuL8w5rDEGO_I2ss3bX4SYJ7S9m_7sPQlxv1M Guests got to try a little but if everything that you would expect from a Pig Roast BBQ, baked potatoes, beans, coleslaw and the what everyone came for, the freshly pulled pork.

 7b_iy2gNIeerI1sxn0ZY63C4DZcPs2JX_UB4RfDbI5IAs foodie blogger guests who had the pleasure of trying some of the other tasty menu items that Central Social Hall offers. We ordered the albacore tuna tataki + won tons, charcuterie board, and ball park pretzel. The pretzel was my personal favorite, it was accompanied by a roasted poblano + white cheddar sauce WHICH WAS UNREAL! Everything paired nicely with our cold pints of Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Next time your in and having a pint of Samuel Adams, Bar Manager Coady Ruberry suggests you pair it with one of their starters:

Sam Adams is a great full-bodied, approachable craft beer, I find the balanced hops are not overpowering and it’s my absolute favourite beer to drink with our Lime Serrano Chicken Nachos.”


If nachos are not your cup of tea, then stick with the pork, Central’s Chef Redgie Salinana suggests that the flavour profile of the barbecued pulled pork is complemented nicely by the richness of the Sam Adams Boston Lager.

The full layers of sweet and savoury that you will find within the beer are mirrored and paired perfectly with the roasted pulled pork flavours in the meat, spices and marinade,” says Redgie. The event was all about the Pig & Pint, such a smart combination for Central & Samuel Adams to team up on this event.

10L8-R3b_g_7ZJExstVvfprpwZku77jKdUyR-DNpca8During the event Central did a bunch of Samuel Adams giveaways, which included Gift Certificates, t-shirts & pint glasses. Guests of the event could also share their Pig and Pints experiences by using the #SamInHand hashtag on Twitterand Instagram. In case you missed out on all the fun give Samuel Adams a follow on twitter for all us guest bloggers posts, @SamuelAdamsCA


Last Sunday’s Pig & Pints event was a part of Samuel Adams Restaurant Takeover Series. This program shows the connection Samuel Adams has with both chefs and customers in the food community. Samuel Adams has help lead the craft beer revolution, reviving a passion for full bodied brews that are robust and rich with character.

Central Social Hall was the perfect venue for us to discuss our love for food & Samuel Adams, while getting our Sunday Funday shenanigans on! So next time your looking to get out and be social, check Central Social Hall out in Edmonton (@CentralSH) & St. Albert. (@CentralStAlbert)

qs3YYgMUASnEzD8XDf4w5xmnhKgmaJ9f9GoWTdsnUpwVisit the Samuel Adams Website

Visit the Central Social Hall Website

All Photos credit to Curtis Comeau Photography. Image courtesy of Samuel Adams.

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Samuel Adams.

NVE Institute – Review

NVE Institute
*10153-122 street (New Address)
Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 628-2056

Gary, Natalie and their staff take the term “wellness” to entire new level by providing the best of everything for their clients. From their natural products  to exceptionally trained staff, this gem located in downtown Edmonton is a MUST for anyone looking to break out of the normal “massage clinic”. A 3 minute conversation with Gary will prove you are in the right wellness clinic as his knowledge is outstanding on the correct products and why they use them.










I’ve been to many massage clinics and NVE combines the best of everything into various services  at an affordable price unlike any other.

Treat yourself or someone you love and introduce them to NVE Institute! I promise you that you will NOT be disappointed!





Crackmasters – Review

I have needed a new windshield for a while now and longer than I’m willing to admit. Without knowing where to go, I went online and used a search tool. If you guessed Google… you are wrong! If I am looking for a plumber, florist or in this case a new windshield, I reach out on Twitter as I want a local business that someone will recommend to me. It could be a business they had a great experience at, or their uncle’s shop but I try to always choose a local business that people are willing to recommend.

CM 2Within 5 minutes of me tweeting from our account I got a message from @YEGwindshield with their contact information and saying they would love to help! Phil, Owner of Crackmasters SW was extremely helpful & efficient with getting me an appointment. I gave him a call the next day told him the make and model of my car and my appointment was all set up & booked. One of the best things about Crackmasters is that they are so close to my work. It was easy for me to drop of my vehicle and still get to work on time.

Phil went out of his way to make the whole process seamless and I was very impressed with my experience at Crackmasters. So if you are in the market for a new windshield or need a rock chip repair call Phil (780) 488-2255
Most of all folks remember to Shop Local!

– Kim

Visit them online at

Twitter or Facebook 





Want to reach as many local people as possible and drive them to your business in a very inexpensive way??


We have been asked for a long time by many people if we would offer various advertising opportunities for #yeg local businesses due to the traffic on our website and the number of local followers we have on Twitter and various other Social Media platforms.

After much  discussion, we have put together comprehensive packages to address your needs and budget.

Click here: YEG Advertising Promotion

Please contact Kim or Steve at

*This introductory offer ends October 15th, 2014

Forever Aloe – Sarah

Both Kim and I have been given a number of opportunities over the past year and half and had the pleasure of trying various products and services from amazing local people and businesses so when THIS opportunity to try out some great Aloe products from “Forever” came along, I was all in!

Now granted, I’ll admit I’m not one of those GQ guys that primps himself with lavish products on a regular basis but I do like to try new things and I appreciate quality so I gladly accepted Sarah’s generous offer.

Sarah was very sweet in her approach. It wasn’t a sales pitch and there was no expectation at all other than to provide her feedback after we have had an opportunity to try as many products as possible.

Here’s what she dropped off for me and my entire family to try for a week. No cost, no obligation but just an opportunity to be exposed to something I (we) would never have done before.


The first night I immediately tried the shampoo and conditioner. I have a “beauty” background as I was with a large supplier for a number of years. I love quality products and always notice the difference from the standard store bought quality of shampoos, etc. This didn’t disappoint as I found the SUPER rich shampoo very nice. The fragrances are not “girly” (I sometimes worry about coming out smelling like flowers) and the quality of both the shampoo and conditioner were enjoyed by the entire family.

On the second night, I became Mel Gibson in “What Women Want”!! I had everything on from the mask (first time for me lol) the men’s cologne (my favourite product!!), some moisturizing cream, used the hand & face soap as a body wash and even put the heat lotion on a sore arm.

All of the products were amazing and we as a family, really enjoyed them. The extent of this line is massive and far from limited to what you see above! Check out Sarah’s website and follow her on Twitter and if you want to try them for yourself, just contact her!

Website – Click Here

Twitter – Click Here

An experience with Air Canada

August 1, 2014 – My letter outlining my experience today and sent to Air Canada customer service.

This is inform you of the poor quality service rendered by Air Canada today on my flight (AC 233) to Vancouver BC departing at 6:20am and then connecting to Portland.

This started the day before when I attempted to check-in online. The last 3 times I have attempted to do this within the 24 hour time frame of departure, I have gone through each step only to find out that it tells me to see a ticket agent upon arriving at the airport. I then called the number to speak to an agent to see if I could do this over the phone and get the info emailed to me with seat confirmation, etc. The “hold times” were 37-42 minutes without the ability to leave a name and number and not lose your position in line. I ask if you too would be willing to spend that amount of time on hold when dealing with MY business? I suspect not so I’m unsure why your customers are expected to?

I headed to the airport at 5am this morning. The flight boarded on time and we all were seated in the aircraft. After 15-20 minutes, the Capt said we have a delay due to “mechanical issues”. Now, I don’t know about everyone else but uneasy flyers such as myself, I can promise you, don’t want to hear this. I respect safety is a priority but telling people about a mechanical issue only raises concern for those of us that don’t fully enjoy take off!

After 20 minutes of waiting with the engines off, meaning no air conditioning in the cabin, people were getting restless. We were updated a few times and each time we were told 15 -20 minutes. The last report from the Capt suggested it would be much longer (45-60 minutes) and those that wanted to deplane, could. Most everyone did as it was unbearable inside.

We all waited by the ticket counter in the waiting area. After some additional updates, it was determined it would be HOURS prior to the aircraft being ready. Again, I understand safety and this complaint has nothing to do with airing on the side of caution. The issue I DO have is that you had a couple hundred people, most of which had connections in Vancouver, and there was 1 girl there for the first 15 minutes. After that, there was no one to address the long line of your customers wondering how or IF they were going to get to their final destination. This would have been a time to have additional staff but instead, we had no one. I find that extremely frustrating that NO agents were on hand for most of the time to look after all of these people!

After an hour, the girl showed up once more to suggest that we go back to the main ticket counter to make arrangements for alternate flights. We headed back and the majority of the flight did also. Once arriving back at the ticket counter, now with 100+ frustrated people, we find 1 person standing behind a counter that could accommodate 4 of your agents. This 1 person was expected to take each of your customers, determine where they were going and search for the best alternative. I assure you this line moved extremely slowly as you could imagine!

Finally, 1 other AC representative came along and told all of us in line that we could call “this number” while we stood in line to try to make other arrangements. The call was answered immediately, which was impressive, but looking back at my phone history, I was on hold for most of the call once it was answered for a total of 38 minutes. All that time, I moved 10 feet…

Being the Friday of a long weekend, my options to connect to Portland were limited and all flights were sold out. I have now received a booking for tomorrow Aug 2, to attempt this again with your airline.

I would like to know what Air Canada is willing to do in the form of a travel voucher for a future flight(s)?


(I will update this when new information is provided)

Cavalia Odysseo – Cheryl Cottrell-Smith

Social Media Night at Cavalia’s Odysseo
By Cheryl Cottrell-Smith 
2014-07-23 18.19.22Cavalia, the international touring equestrian sensation, has returned to Edmonton for its second year. This time, the company is touring for their second show, which is entitled Odysseo.

On July 23, Cavalia held their social media night in Edmonton and YEG Tweetup was asked to host the VIP experience of Odysseo along with their guests. Using the hashtag #OdysseoYEG, social media guests took to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with newfound freedom—as a rule, Cavalia does not permit video or photography during the show. Thanks to social media night, however, most photography and videography restrictions were removed (barring a 5-minute limit for videos). As a result, social media networks blew up with mentions of @Cavalia, #OdysseoYEG, and @YEGTweetup.

2014-07-23-18.31Cavalia Pic






YEG Tweetup’s guests included members of Edmonton’s Twitterati, such as @AdrienneKS, @SarahMacDonald, @TamaraVineberg, @RealScottWeller, @CottrellSmithC, and @ETownMickey.









For those unfamiliar with the company, Cavalia is a Montreal-based entertainment organization that specializes in the equestrian: acrobatic and theatrical performances using horses.

2014-07-23 20.02.52 2014-07-23 22.11.43






Odysseo, which was launched in 2011, focuses on the mystical and the magical, infusing each performance with a dream-like quality made even more ethereal with vibrant, colourful lighting effects and stunning, flowing costumes. The horses and the feats of the riders are at the centre of the performance, which showcases trick riding, vaulting, and outstanding equestrian control.










Supporting these acts are international acrobatic groups, whose performances are interspersed among the horse-riding acts with amazing coordination and an energy that gets the crowd buzzing in their seats.


Cavalia maintains that Odysseo is the “only 6-D show in the world,” using 3D graphic backdrops to add extra dimension to each real-life performance. With an enormous stage, a live band, 18 simultaneous projectors to set the scene, and the largest touring tent in the world, Odysseo offers a next-generation look at the relationship between human and horse, taking the audience on a mystical voyage through beautiful landscapes and fantastical imagination.
As VIP guests, we began our night in the Rendez-Vous tent, which offered a complimentary full buffet, a bar with a generous amount of complimentary drinks, a small Cavalia gift shop, and other treats such as ice cream and popcorn. We were lucky enough to experience the show from fantastic third row seats (almost in the splash zone, but I won’t ruin the finale) and several lucky social media guests were treated to a backstage tour after the show, which allowed them to meet many of the performers and horses.

Odysseo will be holding shows in Edmonton until August 17th, so there’s still time to get tickets if you haven’t yet had the chance! More information on available dates and show times can be found here. As an added bonus, anyone reading this can purchase tickets at 10% off using the Promo Code: SMNYEG

Promo Code











On behalf of YEG Tweetup and all of their guests, we would like to thank Cavalia for hosting such a wonderful event and giving us a chance to share the magic of the show through our social media channels. We wish Odysseo much success in its current tour and we can’t wait to see what Cavalia has in store for us next!

Sherwood Park Chev – 2014 Camaro SS Convertible Review

Sherwood Park Chevrolet



I consider myself very fortunate… On June 6th, out of the blue, I received an intriguing direct message on Twitter from Sherwood Park Chevrolet suggesting they have an idea they would like me to be involved in. Now being a “car guy”, I was somewhat eager and curious to find out exactly what they had in mind…


In short, they are fully committed to their social media program and creating new and exciting ways of promoting their business in this “non traditional” way by offering me a car and having me promote my ventures during the weekend. Their suggestion of vehicle and “catch”? The 2014 Camaro SS convertible with the only goal of “having fun” and tweeting/Facebooking about it. Nice gig and Father’s Day weekend no less! Best gift EVER and the weekend was perfect for the top down!


Driving a machine with a 6.2 litre V8 was right up my alley and I was like a kid at Christmas! The engine’s 426 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque flow freely and joyfully to the Camaro’s rear wheels when you put your foot down, and it sounded amazing doing so! The big V8 convertible feels slightly more sluggish than the power numbers would indicate from a standstill, but faster ‘n hell when reach higher RPM’s. One might guess you could strip most of the rubber off of the tires from flooring it from a standstill but the set up is different on these. It hooks up all that horsepower with virtually no wheel spin even with traction control off. Although some may be disappointed by that, the fact that you won’t be replacing some very expensive skins on a regular basis should keep you smiling!


One of the most functional features was the HUD (Head’s Up Display). This reflects your speed and some other information (radio) up onto the windshield so you aren’t looking down at your gauges. I personally found it fantastic (though some may feel it’s a distraction) but you can dim it or tun it off completely. The only way to improve upon this would be to add the RPM to that cluster of information. For paddle shifting, that would be extremely useful!


Chevy rates the SS Convertible at about 5.4 seconds for the sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour. The car was fully equipped and had a 6 speed auto transmission. Now…some of you may “poohoo” a sports car with an auto but I promise you that driving the car with the paddle shifters left nothing to be waining for! Everything about this powerhouse is about comfort and speed and doing it with impeccable style. (I actually looked forward to red lights just to see people stare at the car! lol)


It was also very clear early on, that many also wanted to “challenge” her (all my cars are “she’s”). Being brand new and not mine as well as not needing to add to my collection of lovely pictures of the back of my car sent to me in the mail, I picked my spots. 😉 Now, I don’t condone street racing as we have a local track for that ( ) but these “races” certainly didn’t have to last long once you see them in your rear view mirror!! Often, a quick 0-60 in milliseconds was all it took!

IMG_5102I had the opportunity to take it to Square One on Wye Road in Sherwood Park and took many people for a drive including my neighbours twins! It was their first time in a convertible! lol









For those of you considering a sports car purchase, the need to at least drive this beast is a must! The power is obvious but the fit and finish, solidness and overall quality that 

Chevrolet has produced is exceptional! This is also one of the most comfortable vehicles I have ever driven and even my 18 year old son referenced that.

The ride is decent considering it IS a sports car with a stiff suspension. There’s a balance between moderately good handling for a heavy car and not necessarily feeling every bump on the road.

A couple of drawbacks… The soft top is like slow motion. If you ever got caught in a rain storm, I suspect the car interior would flood prior to the roof closing! 😉 Secondly, they put 4 seats in this car though I’m not sure why? There’s no way anyone could sit behind me (unless in a booster seat) and I’m 6′. There was virtually inches behind my seat!

All in all, this car exceeded my expectations and I promise, they were high to begin with! I greatly appreciate the opportunity that Sherwood Park Chevrolet has provided me and if anyone is remotely interested in a vehicle, I strongly urge you to check out this dealership and take advantage of the EMPLOYEE PRICING currently on until the end of June!

YEGTweetup Co-Founder


Wax Walter 4 Charity – w/ Monique MacDonald

Walter Schwabe, Ben Proulx and Bryan Mortensen have agreed to let  Monique  shave their legs (chest for Ben) in public on June 8, 2014 if we can raise $5000.00 for The Strathcona County Boys and Girls Club.

If you would like to help me achieve the $5000.00 goal, please go to and donate ANY amount you can, even as little as $10 can help this worthwhile organization. Indiegogo is a secure site.

The Boys and Girls Club of Strathcona County (SCBGC) is a registered non-profit charitable organization devoted to serving children and youth throughout Strathcona County.

The waxing extravaganza will take place June 8 at 2 the Gluten Free Cravings Event on the main demonstration stage at Festival Place, 100 Festival Way, Sherwood Park.

Admission to the event is free so come by and cheer Walter on… or Monique!

Cravings and ROXX Salon and Spa are the proud sponsors of

Help us Wax Walter 4 Charity!

#CarnavalYEG Blog by Cheryl Cottrell-Smith

Carnaval YEG offers a Brazilian-inspired feast of local goods
Cheryl Cottrell-Smith

The best part about Edmonton’s culture is that it’s completely multi-faceted, pulling from all areas of society and showcasing talent and skill from all walks of life.

Photo 2014-05-16, 8 24 27 PM

Creative Edmonton’s Carnaval event was just such a testament to the unique range of Edmonton’s culture. While the name suggests a Brazilian-style festival, Carnaval offered much more than boa-adorned dancers and delicious Caipirinha cocktails (although these were both great).

Carnaval, or #CarnavalYEG for tweeps, offered guests a taste of Brazil alongside the chance to browse and celebrate local entrepreneurs, creators, and small businesses. Set up in a pop-up market style in the midst of the Edmonton Petroleum Club, the event provided an evening of music, artwork, socializing, and some very tasty treats.

Attendees spent time sampling the chocolate couture of JACEK, admiring the artwork of Adrianne Olszewski, purchasing stunning pieces from Jolanda Thomas’ Insomniac Jewellery, scoring sweet swag at Jennie Marshall’s Yelp Edmonton booth, or browsing the razor-sharp wares of Knifewear Edmonton, amongst many other vendors.

Photo 2014-05-20, 7 44 43 PM

The event, which took place between 6:30pm and midnight on Friday, May 16th, was the latest in Creative Edmonton’s pop-up market-style trade shows, which aim to debut and showcase locally-operated businesses and artists within the Edmonton community.

For $15, guests gained access to a wide variety of local and handmade goods, live local music, some excellent dance performances, door prizes, a photo booth, and a Queen of the Carnaval contest. Each room had a cash bar available and the Petroleum Club’s Cellar Lounge was open to anyone looking for a heartier meal. And, of course, Kim and Steve from YEGTweetup held down the fort by helping with the event set-up, hosting a Twitter contest, and generally just being awesome.

The Carnaval’s Queen was crowned later on in the evening—of five lovely ladies, local musician Andrea Willson won the title after a round of questioning and the final judging. Andrea writes and performs her own music frequently throughout the city and loves to be involved in a variety of musical projects. As the winner of the Queen of the Carnaval contest, she won a package to the NVE Institute of Phyto-aroma Cosmetology Organic Day Spa. Congratulations, Andrea!


After an evening of tasty delights, stunning personalities, and a full schedule of events, Carnaval-goers left feeling satisfied and, more often than not, with bags chock-full of locally-made goodies.

On behalf of YEGTweetup and the Carnaval guests, we’d like to thank Creative Edmonton and Sonya Ghalehdar for hosting such a great event and for letting us be a part of their pop-up market culture. We look forward to the next event and we hope to see you all there!


Review of the Double Tree by Hilton – Stages

The Mayfield Inn has been long-standing icon in Edmonton and we were all happy to see this long, overdue facelift of the facility. As you walk in, nothing looks familiar and that’s a compliment! They have done an outstanding job of creating a warm and inviting space.


Kim had booked to take her Mom here for Mother’s Day some time ago and since our plans changed with my wife and her family, Kim suggested I too book there. Kim reserved a table for 11:00 and ours was for 12:30. I was just happy to get in somewhere on short notice!

Just prior to leaving, I received a text from Kim saying, “Not impressed so far. They haven’t even started brunch yet!”. This was at 11:20. The next text a while later said that the food was cold and that she couldn’t even drink her mimosa it was so strong. Fast forward to 12:30 and we arrive just prior to Kim and her Mom leaving so we chatted for a while. Kim wasn’t happy with the food but her Mom seemed to think it was pretty good. I wasn’t worried as not much disappoints me when it comes to food! 😉


My wife, daughter and myself get seated (son was at baseball) and they bring my wife a carnation. A very nice touch for all Moms that attended the brunch buffet today. Starving, we head to the fantastic selection of various breakfast items and start loading up our plates. My wife suggests to dig from the bottom of the big chrome serving pans to get to the hot stuff! Loading up on scrambled eggs, various meats, shrimp, an interesting looking eggs benny and a couple slabs of prime rib, I sit down… Basically every item is almost “cool” including the prime rib that was just cut for me.
I order a coffee and a mimosa (thinking Kim isn’t really much a drinker so how bad could it be…), my wife orders a tea and our daughter a non-alcoholic drink. All of our food was lukewarm but with a buffet, you can’t really send it back. All trays were almost full so we assumed they were replaced recently. My $9 mimosa arrives and it’s horrible and SO strong. I swear one glass of that you would need a designated driver!! I’ve never had Grand Marnier in one before and now I know why. I went up to the buffet to get some juice and fruit to stuff in the glass which helped but I could only get half way through it.


All of us went up twice and nothing really improved from a temperature perspective. Most of the food tasted good but it could have been so much better… Near the end of our meal I receive another text from Kim… “HOLY CRAP, that was expensive for 2 people!” To which I reply… “Dare I ask?” I hadn’t enquired previously as I suspected it wasn’t a $15 meal. I was however very disappointed to spend $170 including tip on 3 mediocre meals. I felt bad our son couldn’t join us right up until the point of receiving the bill and then I was almost thankful! I have no issue spending money on a nice meal as we often spend that at the Banff Springs hotel when we go there for brunch. The difference was, we had no mountain view, no amazing dining room, no outstanding service where they call you by your last name when you arrive and most importantly, little in the way of value for our money. A major disappointment!


The one interesting note here was that both Kim’s Mom and my wife had significant stomach pain shortly after. I’m not sure what caused it that they both had but the rest of us were fine…

Service was good and our server was attentive. It was strange that in between our first and second plates, our silverware was all removed from the table while we were at the buffet even though none of us left them on our plates? I found that extremely odd in a buffet setting!

Normally I try to mix these reviews with as much “positive” as I can but I’m really struggling to do that here. It was just an average room with decent service and cold food at $42 per person. The value just wasn’t there. If the price of their buffet is the same every weekend, I can’t say as I would attempt it again which is unfortunate as a buffet brunch is my favourite meal.

Between Kim’s experience and mine, we give it a 2/10 for overall value. 

Review of Harts Table & Bar

Harts Table & Bar
14229 23 Ave Edmonton

After a long wait, we finally got our chance to experience this new eatery which replaced Ric’s Grill at 14229 23 Ave. In Terwilligar.


Kim and I have read all the buzz and tweets on this new undertaking by the Century Hospitality Group and were excited to have our breakfast meeting there this past Saturday. Entering this space, you get a complete feeling of warmth and comfort mixed with elegance and the decor, seating and brightness lends itself to a complete dining experience.

One of the first things we noticed was that the staff are engaging, friendly and willing to take the time to speak with you and not in the generic way most restaurant staff do. Now granted the space wasn’t very busy when we arrived but when you get a fantastic server like we did with Melissa, it really can make the difference!

At this point we have only had the brunch and the selection is interesting: Brunch Menu  Kim being a vegetarian was extremely excited to finally try eggs Benedict as normally, the bacon tends to wreck it for her! 😉 She was glad she tried it and enjoyed it a great deal!


VEGETARIAN EGGS BENNY $13 – grilled tomato & fresh avocado


House made corned beef, peppers, caramelized onions, hollandaise, poached eggs, with potato hash & red pepper ketchup


I opted for the corn beef hash which was by far, the best I’ve ever had! It may not be the most appealing plated item on their menu but the taste, textures and flavour certainly surpassed my expectations!

We both ordered orange juice and it’s always a nice surprise to receive REAL freshly squeezed orange juice!

Both items arrived quite quickly but for some reason, Kim’s eggs were cold. Melissa handled it promptly and apologetically and although Kim asked for it just to be reheated, they made her a complete new meal that came out very quickly. The manager of the restaurant Aaron, came over to also apologize and checked on us to make sure all was well.


Kim went to check out the restroom and came back beaming! lol It was one of the nicest lavatories she has “experienced” and even took pictures of the unique art on the walls! It’s the little things right?


I was impressed with the vast selection of wines and plan on trying a few on our next visit!

Overall, this certainly made for a great brunch and we look forward to trying their dinner menu. We both enjoyed the atmosphere, service and food and the overall value for their pricing is exceptional.  9/10 for their brunch!

Review of De Dutch – 10030 Jasper Ave

After viewing the website and seeing some unique selections of food, it was decided we would have an Easter brunch there today. As with anything downtown, parking was a challenge and it took 3 loops around the block to find a meter. We could have parked at a pay lot for $14 for 2 hours but I opted for driving around for 15 minutes and wasting $14 in fuel instead! 😉

photo 1

The decor is outstanding and it’s much larger inside than one would imagine. Seating was almost immediate which was nice as we expected it to be much busier than it was. The menu itself is very comprehensive and pricing was somewhat reasonable. A meal for the 4 of us for brunch came to $72.55 plus tax. Meals were just under $15 on average, orange juice was $4.25, coffee was $2.80 and chocolate milks were $3.25 ea.

3 out of the 4 of us ordered the unique Pannekoeken as we had never tried before. I had the Abby Perogie which was decent. My wife had the hash which she enjoyed and our daughter had the Strawberry Chocolate and Whip. Our son ordered a burger but he is historically someone who rarely steps outside of his comfort zone when it comes to food! There was a tremendous choice of various foods and the rest of menu seemed very impressive also!

These Pannekoeken are essentially a meal between a pancake and an crepe with a number of different toppings to choose from. I also ordered toast with my meal as that was an optional extra. My toast didn’t come with the meal and after asking for it sometime later, our server unapologetically said she would get it. I was almost done my meal by the time it came out 10 minutes later and then I needed to ask if there were any jams as well. I guess I would have just brought those out at the same time… It was also baffling to me how a restaurant specializing in these types of “pancakes” makes you ask for syrup? One might think you would receive that automatically when 3 out 4 of you purchase the Pannekoeken. It too took another 5 minutes for that to come and we were almost half way through our meals when it finally did. Overall, I just found it disheartening to have ask for jams, syrups and missing orders and there never seemed to be any urgency to get those to the table.

photo 4 photo 5 photo 3









Coffee was replenished often but at no point was my wife’s water refilled nor were the kids asked if they wanted more chocolate milk. Seems you get one glass maximum? Understanding the restaurant was somewhat busy, though not packed, I was disappointed in the service overall.

I will say that all of us were happy with our meals and the portions were certainly enough that no one left hungry. I do know that this restaurant has many great reviews and I certainly won’t mask my entire opinion off of one experience as I do plan to go back one day.

I would rate De Dutch a 5.5 out 10 for overall service and food value on this visit.

Review of Square One – Sherwood Park


Kim and I along with Anita, Scott, Karly, Katie & Tyler enjoyed a brunch meeting at this fantastic Sherwood Park eatery located at #32, 993 Fir Street right off of Wye Road.

This contemporary, one room design offers very comfortable seating and a very relaxed atmosphere. We have been there twice and both times, the service has been outstanding. It’s always refreshing when staff seem to actually enjoy what they’re doing and it shows in this establishment. I didn’t get our servers name but she was extremely good and it was a great balance of attentiveness and left to enjoy a group conversation. I’m sure that is the most difficult part of serving as you you don’t want to continue to interrupt too often but yet, maintain that balance. She certainly did that!

All of our guests enjoyed the experience, the food, the service and I understand the bathrooms are even worth mentioning though I didn’t visit them myself!

The brunch menu is a unique offering of various countries from around the world; and it sounds like all of them were a complete success! One of the best laughs of the afternoon was when our server came to bring Kim a spoon (who had ordered the Greece selection) and said as she handed it to Kim, “Here is your spoon for your Greece”. I assure you there was no grease on the plate when it came! 😉

I enjoyed the America selection which is a corned beef hash meal with 2 poached eggs. Most if not all the meals came with toast but I found it odd that there were no jams offered for the toast. I assure you that you will not leave hungry as the portions are impressive. The orange juice is not a concentrate but instead, freshly squeezed which is a nice touch that you don’t often find anymore.










We even got a chance to meet Phil who came out to say hi to all of us even though he he was busy preparing these amazing meals! We were very grateful he did that and hopefully we get a chance to chat more in the future!

Overall a great value for the money and a wonderful dining experience that we suggest you try for yourself.

I would rate Square One a very enthusiastic 9.5 out of 10!

Review of The Mongolie Grill – 109St & Jasper Ave

The Mongolie Grill
Jasper & 109St

We had an opportunity to take our web designer @destroythebox out for a Birthday supper last night to celebrate his advanced age and also go over all the functions of our new website! We decided on The Mongolie Grill on Jasper Ave. We have been there before and we have always enjoyed our experience.

We got there early (around 4:30pm) and we had a nice opportunity to enjoy a quiet meeting in this trendy establishment nestled at one of Edmonton’s busiest intersections in the heart of downtown.

If you’ve never been, this is a very interesting concept of a healthy, buffet-style eatery that charges you based on weight! Not of you, but the food you put in your bowl for the chefs to cook! 😉 You fill up your bowl with upwards of 48 various items (which I tried to do) and hand it to the chefs for them to prepare and bring to your table once complete. If you’ve never been, make sure to ask your server how this works and suggestions on various sauces to add at the end to make your meal more moist and tasty. This aspect isn’t clear and if you don’t know, you’ll miss out! The service was moderately attentive and anyone who refills my Coke without being asked is bound to get a great tip! #CokeAHolic We did however order Onion cakes that after 20-25 minutes, we realized we never did receive. Odd being that the restaurant wasn’t at all busy. The waitress apologized and they were out minutes later. Unfortunately both Kim and Chris were hungry also so I had to share…

The onion cakes were well worth the wait and I highly recommend them to anyone who even remotely like them. Served with a hot sauce and one other I didn’t recognize, they seemed to be a success with my friends.

The restaurant seemed to fill up quick and a large table beside us of 8-10 people took almost an hour to receive their food. Luckily we were ahead of them! Kim, being a vegetarian, scooped up everything green into her bowl. She was greatly disappointed to receive her cooked meal which included her choices but also various chunks of chicken and beef that were accidentally mixed in when cooking everyone else’s meals. Normally, for vegetarians, they use a round cylinder to protect cross-contamination and prevent this from happening but for whatever reason, they missed that step during the cooking of her meal. After Kim went back up to start all over, they did prepare and bring it back quite quickly.

The manager did come over and apologize and they did comp Kim’s meal and our drinks which we thought was quite nice.

Overall, a very warm environment for a business meeting or romantic evening out with your significant other. With choices of meats and seafood, my meal was close to $30 so not overly expensive. I was full at the end of it and at 255lbs, that says a lot for me!!

Parking can sometimes be an issue even though the parking lot is substantial. Recommend getting there before 5:30!

Overall, I would give the entire experience a 7.5/10 based on food quality, value, service and ambiance. We would certainly go back!

Coming Soon – Restaurant Reviews

Being that Kim and I frequent MANY local restaurants in and around Edmonton, we thought we would provide a spot on our new website specifically for reviews of these establishments.

As a typical guy, I usually spend most of my time stuffing food in my face and not paying too much attention to anything else that goes on around me but I’m going to try my very best (along with Kim’s help) to be more “aware!”

I’m also going to have to live outside of my comfort zone and try items other than just burgers, steaks and clubhouse sandwiches. Maybe I’ll get Kim to review all the “green food” and I’ll do everything else! Either way, we’re going to make it entertaining, enlightening and as detailed as possible on our future experiences when it comes to dining!

If there are specific restaurants you would like us to review or you would like us to review yours, please leave a comment here and we’ll do our best to get there asap!


New Website Launch!! #yegtweetup

We are proud to showcase our new website designed and managed by @destroythebox. We now can offer far greater features, content and the ability to blog as well as provide reviews on local restaurants. We also have far greater value and options with advertising features and multiple ways to promote local businesses and charities. It’s our pleasure to bring this new site to you and we hope you find it a vast improvement over our initial one. Please feel free to provide feedback if you have any questions or concerns.

YEGtweetup a simple, yet powerful concept!

Yegtweetup a simple, yet powerful concept – How they are leading the change!

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The booming social media scene has changed our outlook towards everything. Marketing is one of the major fields that social media has completely taken by storm. There are companies who have a budget set aside especially for digital marketing and online brand reputation management. In these times of social media, businesses have to learn to adapt their marketing and branding strategies for the digital world. Yegtweetup is a step towards mixing business and pleasure with some help from Twitter.

What is Yegtweetup?

Yegtweetup is the brainchild of Steve Russell and Kim Quibell. Kim and Steve acknowledged the need to promote Edmonton and area small businesses amongst the digital crowd. The most innovative way was to create a friendly environment rather than a typical business mixer setting to let people loosen up and have a great time while the host venue gets due publicity. They took to twitter to organise these gigs around town and with support from local businesses their tweetups are a huge hit.

Why it works?

The boring concept of business mixtures is not always enjoyed by all. Also, not all businesses could afford those high profile events to market themselves amongst the Edmonton crowd. Steve and Kim noted these two shortcomings and decided to turn things around. According to Steve there concept is more of an amalgamation of a tweet-up, a meet-up, a business mixer and everything else that is fun and enjoyable. The audience they cater to usually looks forward to their event with all the laughs, the live entertainment, the competitions, prizes, food, workshops and much more. On the other hand, their venue hosts and their prize sponsors get the much deserved attention and exposure amongst the crowd present as well as word-of-mouth publicity extending to a larger audience.

Simple yet powerful concept

The single driving force behind this concept is to establish a simple yet powerful concept to seamlessly promote local businesses amongst people minus any preachy mixers. They offer to create a fun event which has helped forge many business relationships between the attendees and great market exposure for host venues. The tweeps or twitter users that attend these events get a chance to interact with other users whom they might have only met online and so is a great way of meeting new people. The venues selected are versatile and hence patrons get to taste different food or get to visit a venue that they might never have visited before. The events are a good excuse to network your business or services while you let your hair down.

Success Story

Yegtweetup organized an event at Baseline Wine & Spirits at Sherwood Park which raised a little under $2,000 for two charities, namely The Operation Friendship Seniors Society of Edmonton and Prostate Cancer Research. Also, exposure for the host venue Baseline Wine & Spirits increased by 60% on Twitter as noted by its owner.

Upcoming Events you could attend

Thrill The World Edmonton is an upcoming event scheduled for Saturday, October 26th, 2013. The venue for this event is Grant MacEwan City Centre Campus 104 Ave, Edmonton. The event is supposed to be a part of the worldwide celebration of Michael Jackson’s eerie-spooky hit Thriller. All the proceeds of this event would go to Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

Edmonton is in dire need of innovative business ideas and Yegtweetup might be the best thing happened to networking since a very long time.

Tweetup promotes Edmonton businesses – Edmonton Sun

It’s a simple yet powerful concept: putting a face to a name while promoting local businesses.

That’s the goal of @YEGTweetup — an organization that hosts monthly events that bring together Edmonton’s online community while highlighting a local company.

“We try to cover all the different aspects of a meet-up slash tweetup slash mixer slash whatever it might be. Are we trying to be everything to everyone? Probably, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing,” says @YEGTweetup co-founder Steve Russell.

Russell (@steeeveohh), along with Kim Quibell (@KimmieQ10), have taken ‘tweetups’ (meet-ups with Twitter folks) and combined it with your typical business networking mixer to create a powerful and popular concept that brings together dozens, each month.

“We do big events, we do little, intimate events. We’ve never had an event that hasn’t sold out,” Quibell says.

“We weren’t expecting the demand that we’re getting,” Russell says. “We filled a niche and the demand was there. It motivated us to be able to grow and continue to grow.”

The eighth @YEGTweetup was just held at Block 1912 in Old Strathcona at the end of July, where about 80 people packed the café for a night of fun, food and live music.

Now the dynamic duo is planning their August event as a barbecue with proceeds supporting Hope Mission.

While @YEGTweetup hosts its own official events, it lists other, third-party events taking place in the Edmonton area on its website as well. doubles as a local event listing page and a great resource for those looking at what upcoming events they can attend.

The @YEGTweetup brand is becoming more established with each event it hosts or helps bring awareness to and while before the pair had to reach out and convince businesses to work with them, now it’s the businesses that are approaching them.

“It’s just a great idea,” says Bryan Saunders with Block 1912. “When you get that support from others, we love it.”

Whether you’re new to Twitter or have been doing it for a while, there’s always something special about attending a tweetup — putting those faces to names and making those real life connections.

“In the last two years I’ve been on Twitter and really in the last number of months with @YEGTweetup, I’ve met more quality people in these events than I’ve had in most of my life previous,” Russell says.

Russell and Quibell are doing everyone a great service by creating evenings where these important connections can take place.

I also always get a kick out of seeing everyone gathered in real life, but spending half their time at the event sharing moments online with their smartphones pulled out. Ha.

Be sure to follow @YEGTweetup for more information on upcoming events.

Hope to see you at the next one!


YEGTweetUp connecting Edmontonians and promoting local –

YEGTweetUp connects the Edmonton Twitterverse with great events, businesses and activities monthly in Edmonton.  This month, on July 29, YEGTweetUp is showcasing Block 1912 with a spectacular evening at one of Edmonton’s prime European Cafes with an amazing atmosphere on Whyte Ave.

It’s an evening of laughs, live entertainment, prizes, workshops, food and more that you won’t want to miss. Known for their great coffee, quality food and outstanding staff plus they are fully licensed.  Lots of fun surprises with coffee tasting and a gelato display that I guarantee you’ve never seen before!

The Block 1912 TweetUp is currently sold out, but please check out for upcoming events, showcasing some of the best businesses in Edmonton.

What is YEGTweetUp?
As far as what makes these events unique is that Kim and I take a different approach to creating these. It’s unstructured for the most part, meaning it’s not a “business mixer” per-say but instead a casual atmosphere aimed at promoting the host business and the businesses that support us by donating door prizes. That being said, people do network and there’s been many great business relationships started at a YEGTweetup event! We love that!

It’s about putting a face to a name (twitter handle) and providing a special place for us all to get together and have a great time! You don’t need to have a business or for that matter, even be on twitter or any social media platform to benefit from these.

I’ve said it many times before… I’ve met more quality individuals this past 6 months at our functions than I have my entire life. We are very honoured to have the support from these outstanding Edmonton and area people. It’s why we live doing what we do!

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