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Finding your fit with “The Projct” and Jordan Jeske

Not just a gym, not just a community, a collaboration.

Jordan Jeske has been a fitness professional and leader in the industry here in Edmonton for a number of years. He has a skill set that is highly beneficial to golfers trying to increase performance but he brings a lot more than just golf with his newest platform that he has dubbed “The Projct”.

So what exactly is it? Well, it’s finding that way to immerse people into the lifestyle of being better and finding a way to involve people with their busy changing lifestyle. Creating space for full potential not just in the gym but with life in general.  It’s not a quick solution and it’s not just about building muscle or burning calories. It’s a journey, because when it comes to personal growth, the growing never stops.

In the months to come, Jordan has a few key projects he has put a lot of passion into. He still has a focus on Golf and has launched a Golf Life Performance Series which is a series of 4 evenings to focus on stability, mobility and functional strength for recreational or competitive golfers.

He has also launched a ladies-specific event called Strong(her), this is 4 weeks long consisting of a workout paired with an informational workshop once per week. The workouts will be transferable, empowering you to find your fit in any gym. Wellness myths will be busted, confidence will be gained. Everyone deserves a full toolbox going into the gym and they all deserve to have confidence  to take on their fitness goals independently in any setting. That will be something to be gained from this experience. It is definitely an opportunity worth checking out for any women out there.

Lastly, an event that is still pre-launch as of this blog post, Jordan has an event for men. It’s designed to specifically target those who have taken on family responsibilities and have lost touch with their bro bonding time. A lot of bros out there have a good idea how to lift, but maybe need a refresher. For those pros out there, sometimes you just need to get the boys together and have a good grunt sesh. Maybe a beer. Maybe some ping pong. Finally the time has come, an excuse to tell the wife you have an important commitment. This is the event ferda boyss.

So if any of this intrigues you, you can find out more about The Projct at www.theprojct.com. In addition, Jordan and I will be collaborating on a HIIT class this Sunday February 25 (doors at 8:30AM, workout begins at 9:00AM – be there early) at Central Social Hall. There are a few spots left, and at $20 including brunch, you won’t find a workout with better value. Eventbrite for that is here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-liddlejeske-brunch-burn-tickets-43099562953 

Find your fit and have fun doing it.

Chris Liddle