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Strength Within A Community

Strength Within A Community

When you look at your lifestyle, what are your biggest limiting factors? What holds you back? What makes you feel self conscious, and what would you say that you are not good enough at?

You can frame yourself any way you like but it is inevitably influenced by the people you integrate into your lifestyle. Key word, integrate, you control the people variable. You are able to manipulate your future success by placing successful people, or the people who consistently succeed within your midst. You can actually change your attitude to becoming more progress-oriented and motivated simply based on who surrounds you. People power.

When Do You Feel Self Conscious?

Maybe it’s that feeling you get when you go somewhere for the first time. Think about who is present with you, and who you are looking to for support. This is something that is not to be overlooked when creating your best life, and trying out a gym for the first time.

You will inevitably be in positions throughout your life where you try something new. You want to be in a community where your self conscious feelings are put at bay and where you are able to be yourself. When someone goes through a series of learning curves, trial and error, and tough lessons, it is those people that have a sense of learned compassion because they know what it’s like to be new, to be uncomfortable, to fail, and to be wrong. You need to learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and it’s easier to do when you have the right kind of support. It’s okay to look silly, it’s okay to not know how to do everything, to be new, or to not be the best.

Remove The Toxicity

Have you ever heard people talking about how they needed to remove toxicity from their life? This doesn’t just pertain to social media posts and people you follow.

Mental health is the foundation to which our actions in life are built on. If your mental health is unstable, your actions are inconsistent. You want to be in a community that thrives off of you seeing personal success, and not a community in which your success is compared to the success of others.

When you are passionate about something, are you being supported towards your goals within that passion or are you being mocked for the passion you chose? If it is important to you, you will need to find people who share the same passion as you in order to move forward. No matter how strong you are, you do not need to set yourself up with a barricade of opposing values. An individual focused on nutrition will not become more nutritious if they spend all their spare time around someone does not have nutrition as top of mind in their wellness goals. Same goes for implementing training into your routine. Those who are consistent, make commitments, and those who do not make those commitments are not consistent. Your people need to be just as committed as you are.

Find Your People

So at the end of the day, the takeaway from all of this is that you need to find a community that is strengthened by the wins of each of its members. You need to be in a place where when one person succeeds, everyone feels good. You want to find people who have learned the tough lessons, who know what it feels like to fail or to feel uncomfortable. Your best interests need to be in alignment with the best interests of others in the community. So if your best interests are living a nutritionally balanced and active lifestyle, then your community has to have that as one of its pillars. If you can check all these boxes, your goals will be attainable, your success will be sustainable, and you are going to be celebrating your wins with people who make winning feel great. Find your people and conquer your plans in life.

Chris Liddle


Online Therapy: Mental Health Services For Rural Alberta

Online Therapy: Mental Health Services For Rural Alberta

Living in a rural area can often mean having a lack of amenities, resources, and services readily available. This can be problematic if the service needed is any type of therapy, counseling, or mental aid, as anyone needing this type of help should not go without.

While depression and other mental illnesses are just as common in rural areas as they are in metropolitan areas, rural areas have exponentially less mental health services available, meaning rural residents are much less likely to receive the help they need.

With the world today being so driven by technology and revolving so heavily on the internet, it is no surprise that services such as therapy are now being offered through a variety of online methods.

These new delivery methods, known as “Online Therapy”, can be very beneficial for those living in rural areas. Don’t let your location be a barrier – learn more about this style of counselling below

What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is the delivery of therapy or counseling over the Internet, via formats such as email, video chatting, and instant messaging.

While online therapy has limitations, it is a great tool for anyone seeking guidance or advice, and can act as a great supplement to traditional therapy sessions as well.

How Would Rural Residents Benefit?

The main concern for Alberta rural residents in need of this service would be accessibility.

One is not likely to seek counselling if they must travel away from home to find the service. Travelling to a more urban area for a service such as therapy can be time consuming, expensive, and may not even be possible, depending on the individual’s situation, location or schedule.

By providing individuals the opportunity to connect with a therapist via email or videoconference, it alleviates the need to travel, and can also work with a more flexible schedule than traditional face-to-face sessions.

Having access to a larger pool of therapists and counselors to choose from can also benefit the individual by allowing them to choose someone more suited to aid with their situation and their needs.

Urban residents have many differences when compared to someone who has been born and raised in a rural community. Online therapy may be able to connect that individual with a therapist who has experience in rural settings or who is familiar with the area, for example.


Mental illness is a serious matter, and anyone in need of any aid, advice, or guidance should have access to a reputable and affordable therapy service.

Online therapy can ensure that even those living in remote or rural areas are able to connect with professionals who can give them the counseling and help they need and deserve.