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Audiology For Everyone

Have you ever gone to a concert, come home and then the next day at breakfast been like “WHAAAAAT did you SAAAAAY??”. Face it, most of us probably have. The struggle of being wild and free is real. To be more clear, ringing in the ears post being around loud noises is called tinnitus – and there is a direct correlation between tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears) and hearing loss.

We can’t take for granted, our hearing capabilities are a huge part of our quality of life. It’s a mode of communication in which you can express joy, sadness, gratitude and any number of emotions. Good hearing can make life easier, can ease communication in your relationships, it is not sustained if we abuse it.

This is where Ruhee Kassam comes in. Passionate about hearing health, she advocates that you take care of what you have. In Alberta, our economy has been greatly supported by the industrial and oilfield sector. This means heavy machinery, loud tools, engine noise, horns, and constant idling that can build up to hearing loss. The sad truth is, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. With the job force out there, you are more than likely someone who should be taking precautions to maintain your hearing health.

March 3rd is World Hearing Day. What would you say if I told you that you could invest in hearing protection where you could still hear a concert to the fullest, then get home and hear someone clearly when they ask you to pass the milk the next day. How many times do you ask someone to repeat what they said in a day? If it’s getting worse and worse your hearing loss will be irreversible. Sometimes it’s just a matter of “what did I look into?”, and “what do I wish I had looked into years ago?”. In addition, for those who are hearing impairing led, technology makes advances every year and the odds that your abilities could be improved through innovation have become greater than ever.

Ruhee is passionate about Audiology from a personal experience – seeing first hand what she could provide for a family member who had been struggling with hearing loss and seeing the joy that ensued. You never know if you are hearing everything you should be. The only way to know for sure is to see an Audiologist.

Contest Time!! We are going to be giving away a $50 gift card for Central Social Hall, courtesy of the Audiology Clinic to one lucky person when we randomly select someone on March 3rd! Here’s what you have to do:

Head to Instagram and follow @christianliddle and @yeg_audiology. Comment on the post shown below by tagging a friend and saying the loudest thing you’ve ever heard together. Tag as many friends as you want and if you tag on both pages, your odds increase. We’ll draw a name from all the valid entries on March 3rd. Good Luck!

Online Therapy: Mental Health Services For Rural Alberta

Online Therapy: Mental Health Services For Rural Alberta

Living in a rural area can often mean having a lack of amenities, resources, and services readily available. This can be problematic if the service needed is any type of therapy, counseling, or mental aid, as anyone needing this type of help should not go without.

While depression and other mental illnesses are just as common in rural areas as they are in metropolitan areas, rural areas have exponentially less mental health services available, meaning rural residents are much less likely to receive the help they need.

With the world today being so driven by technology and revolving so heavily on the internet, it is no surprise that services such as therapy are now being offered through a variety of online methods.

These new delivery methods, known as “Online Therapy”, can be very beneficial for those living in rural areas. Don’t let your location be a barrier – learn more about this style of counselling below

What Is Online Therapy?

Online therapy is the delivery of therapy or counseling over the Internet, via formats such as email, video chatting, and instant messaging.

While online therapy has limitations, it is a great tool for anyone seeking guidance or advice, and can act as a great supplement to traditional therapy sessions as well.

How Would Rural Residents Benefit?

The main concern for Alberta rural residents in need of this service would be accessibility.

One is not likely to seek counselling if they must travel away from home to find the service. Travelling to a more urban area for a service such as therapy can be time consuming, expensive, and may not even be possible, depending on the individual’s situation, location or schedule.

By providing individuals the opportunity to connect with a therapist via email or videoconference, it alleviates the need to travel, and can also work with a more flexible schedule than traditional face-to-face sessions.

Having access to a larger pool of therapists and counselors to choose from can also benefit the individual by allowing them to choose someone more suited to aid with their situation and their needs.

Urban residents have many differences when compared to someone who has been born and raised in a rural community. Online therapy may be able to connect that individual with a therapist who has experience in rural settings or who is familiar with the area, for example.


Mental illness is a serious matter, and anyone in need of any aid, advice, or guidance should have access to a reputable and affordable therapy service.

Online therapy can ensure that even those living in remote or rural areas are able to connect with professionals who can give them the counseling and help they need and deserve.